Anti Aging Secrets – An Unusual Way to Fight the Aging Process

Even though we all age every day of our lives, scientists are still not clear exactly why we get older. There is no scientific reason why our bodies decay as the years tick on. Countless studies on some of the oldest people in the world have found certain factors that play an important role in keeping us younger for longer, but for the most part it remains a mystery.

The latest research is pointing to something very interesting and very unique. While many are looking for a miracle drug or some magical surgery, the real solution can be much closer to home. It turns out that the reason why we can’t find the cause for aging is because it does not exist – or at least not in the way we think.

Mind-body medicine is fasting becoming the focus of research in some of the most severe diseases and it turns out that our ability to heal ourselves is also the reason why we age far too quickly. The simple premise that we become what we think about is something that meta-physicians have been promoting for centuries and only now, science can start to prove this once “wacky” idea. You and the way you use your mind is what causes you to age.

The cliche that you are as old as you think you are seems to have a lot more truth to it than mere small talk at the old age home. Studies with patients who have schizophrenia revealed how their eye color can change when their minds change from one personality into the next. The mind has the ability to create massive physical effects in your body.

The real challenge we face when it comes to aging is that our thinking process is mostly unconscious. We just go with the flow of the general consciousness that makes us believe your “X” birthday makes you old and that your body is now starting to deteriorate. If you read Dr. Deepak Chopra’s definitive book called Ageless Body, Timeless Mind then you will gain a better understanding of just how our minds make us old well before our bodies even start to deteriorate.

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