How To Exercise & Stay Young at 40+ (Anti-aging and Wellness)

HOPE and LOVE Conquers All: Plant NEW Seeds after ABUSE and Make Impossible Dreams Possible (Health and Happiness after Abuse Book 1)

When a woman is abused she is stripped of her beauty, dignity and belief in self. The aftermath of physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse gets tangled in the roots of her deep unconscious mind and the shame, guilt, pain, contempt, sadness, and lack of self-worth and respect drives her life. With a false sense of safety her fear keeps her stuck in a life that she pretends is hers and the internal conflict causes her to feel that she not deserving of a better life. Abuse in all its forms


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    Swisscare Products Featured in SkyMall Magazine (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Boca Raton, Fl (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

    Swisscare, a brand that offers consumers a safer, healthier alternative to anti-aging solutions, will now be carried by SkyMall, a leading in-flight magazine that markets a wide range of consumer products.

    Swisscares placement in Skymall came about through their partnership with Nutritional Products International, a leading sales and marketing company in the nutraceutical and cosmaceutical industry. NPIs CEO Mitch Gould is optimistic about Swisscares potential for continued growth in the U.S. market.

    This is just the beginning. Said Gould. I see great things ahead. When you combine the quality of Swisscares products, and the experience of NPIs marketing team, you have a recipe for success.

    With clinically supported ingredients meeting the top standards in research and development, Swisscare offers a variety of healthcare products, hair and cosmetics solutions and food supplements. The brand gives users the ability to attain top-quality skin care without the need for painful and inconvenient injections.

    We are very pleased to announce that our products will appear in SkyMall, a publication that reaches hundreds of millions of travelers each year, said Maria Ascencao, Marketing Consultant for Swisscare. Swisscare is changing how people approach skin care, eliminating the need for painful injections that usually come with side effects. This marks a simple and easy way to both look and feel your best for the long term.

    Among Swisscares top items is its AgeSpotCare solution, which works to improve skin clarity, even skin tone and prevent common signs of aging. The solution has a lightening effect on the skin, leveraging an advanced formula that significantly reduces the production of melanin. AgeSpotCares key ingredient also works as an antioxidant, preventing the generation of free radicals and protecting DNA and skin cells.

    Another high-performing product from Swisscare is its HairGrow activating shampoo, which helps to combat hair loss and dandruff while providing the hair with a natural shine. The formula works by activating and revitalizing the hair roots, resulting in stronger and healthier hair that has noticeably more volume.

    SkyMall is a specialty publisher that produces a quarterly in-flight magazine found on airlines around the world. With an annual circulation of about 20 million, the publication offers hundreds of different consumer products in various categories through direct marketing. The catalog reaches an estimated 650 million travelers each year.

    No matter what a person needs to address when it comes to skin care, Swisscare has you covered, said Ascencao. We look forward to this enhanced exposure through SkyMall and welcome anyone who is new to our brand to give Swisscare a try. Youll never turn to procedures or injections again to improve the look of your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

    NPI ( is one of the world’s leading nutraceutical and cosmaceutical companies, providing sales and distribution services for worldwide brands. It specializes in working with key buyers across the United States, providing a fast track to the world’s most important market.

    For more on Swisscare, visit

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      Anti Aging Foundation A Cellularspf 15 Emulsion Shade 400 30mL


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        Himalayan Salt Lamp Medium 1 Count

        Himalayan Salt Lamp Medium 1 Count

        • 1 Count
        Ancient Secrets Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamps are hand carved salt products from the himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. The Warmth and natural beauty of the glow provided by these lamps makes them a wonderful accent for any room, as well as an outstanding and much appreciated gift for friends and loved ones. They provide a natural ambiance that enhances home and office, and are a perfect answer for providing Feng Shui cures for buildings that have "stuck" energy (chi). Salt lamps are tradition

        List Price: $ 37.75 Price: $ 37.75

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          Prograde Makes Longevity Easier (amazon) (shopzilla)

          North Palm Beach, Florida (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

          Longevity is often portrayed as a mystical secret or an impossible goal, but to medical researchers, the key to extending the human lifespan has long been clear. Studies on older adults reveal that a higher intake of fruits and vegetables, along with regular exercise, correlates with a longer life. And Prograde Nutrition has released a new product that makes getting those fruits and veggies much easier.

          Prograde, a science-based health supplement manufacturer, unveiled its new flagship product: a health drink known as Genesis. Genesis is a green drink, meaning it’s formulated with hefty servings of greens, vegetables and fruits. The beverage is meant to be consumed once a day, and can replace a large number of individual health supplements.

          Everyone knows you’re supposed to eat your fruits and vegetables, but that doesn’t make it easy, said Jayson Hunter, head researcher with Prograde. Produce is expensive, it spoils quickly and a lot of the time it’s not that appetizing. But if it can add years to your life, is it really worth skipping?

          Hunter says that longevity is only one of the aims behind Genesis.

          The number of ingredients we packed into this mix is unbelievable, he said. This one drink can replace a whole shelf of pill bottles, and believe me, it’s going to taste a lot better too.

          Aside from its vegetable extracts, Genesis contains a variety of high-antioxidant foods such as blueberries, pomegranate, green coffee berries, and acai. The formula also includes dietary fiber, and active probiotics that help the body absorb nutrients and resist illness.

          Our goal from the beginning was to make something that blows away the competition, Hunter said. If your doctor recommends it, chances are it’s in Genesis.

          About Prograde

          Prograde Nutrition was founded by fitness experts who wanted to find higher quality supplements for their clients. Prograde emphasizes careful scientific research and testing, and distributes its supplements only through qualified medical and health professionals. Information can be found at

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              Northampton County Council approves lease for Human Services building
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                Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Handmade Neem Tulsi Soap for Dry Acne Prone Skin (125 g)

                • Brand New Genuine Khadi Natural Product in Export Packaging.
                • Turn back time with this bathing bar whose traditional Indian preparation comes with natural benefits aplenty that you just have to experience to believe.
                • Evergreen neem has medicinal properties apart from being anti-ageing, soothing dry skin and treating acne.
                • Tulsi is a fantastic herb for tightening your skin. It's a winner duo for happy and young skin that breathes.
                • Made in India.
                Turn back time with this bathing bar whose traditional Indian preparation comes with natural benefits aplenty that you just have to experience to believe.Evergreen neem has medicinal properties apart from being anti-ageing, soothing dry skin and treating acne. Tulsi is a fantastic herb for tightening your skin. It's a winner duo for happy and young skin that breathes. Regular use of this Khadi soap is a natural way of rejuvenating and keeping your skin soft and beautiful.

                Suitable for al

                List Price: $ 7.45 Price: $ 2.49

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         Now Features 2 Nutritional Supplements Formulated to Be 100% Absorbed by the Body (amazon) (shopzilla)

                  New Philadelphia, Oh (PRWEB) January 29, 2013

         which offers nutritional supplements for a variety of health benefits, now features two products packed with the powerful plant nutrients of Moringa oleifera. Known by the National Institutes of Health to be the most nutrient dense botanical ever discovered. The company says the featured SmartMix and SuperMix contains over 90 verifiable cell-ready nutrients and amino acids.

                  NIH quote on Moringa: NIH Celebrates Earth Day 2008; Each year Earth Day organizers choose a mystery plant that has sources of potentially important medicines. This year’s mystery plant has important medicinal properties. In fact, perhaps like no other single species, this plant has the potential to help reverse multiple major environmental problems and provide for many unmet human needs.

                  SmartMix comes in convenient packages and can be mixed with water to make a highly-nutritious, 100% natural beverage. It is a daily supplement that contains more than 90 nutrients with 46 antioxidants 36 anti-inflammatory, omega 3, 6, 9, 18 amino acids including the 9 essential. Truly complete nutrition from A-Z. The SuperMix offers the same benefits as Zijas original SmartMix, but has 200% more Moringa oleifera than the SmartMix. This is outstanding and can be upwards of 500% DV on all these abundance of nutrients.

                  ZijaExtreme.coms owner, Joe Leavers, says the fact that the products are designed to be completely absorbed by the body makes them powerful weapons the body needs to gain and sustain great natural health. This gives the body a much better chance to simulate and utilize these nutrients where it needs them the most. Were pretty excited about this nutrition, says Leavers. He recommends that anyone trying to gain better health or just trying to maintain what they have now, no matter the age, should be taking this supplement daily first thing in the morning.

                  Leavers believes users will be able to noticeably start feeling some kind of results in as little as four days in the form of increased energy, mental clarity, a boosted immune system, better digestion and many other areas. He says, This is the most fully complete natural nutritional supplement there is on the planet. I have searched and cant find anything like the nutrition found in these products. Zija also has a unique packaging, patented of course, that provides amazing shelf life. This is extremely important as this nutrition is live plant based nutrition.

                  Right now, customers can save up to 15% on all auto-shipments from As an added bonus Leavers offers consultations on fitness and weight loss absolutely free for life with any purchase or auto-shipment.

                  About ZijaExtreme:

                  ZijaExtremes owner Joe Leavers, is devoted to helping people gain and maintain vibrant health as natural as absolutely possible. The site is a number one provider of natural nutritional products and also provides information on nutritional supplementation, the latest fitness craze and trends, importance of individual nutrients to the body and recent weight loss programs or fabs. To see what ZijaExtreme can do for you and your loved ones, visit

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