Montpelier Vermont Investor Adam Green Announces Xocai Team Elite Online Symposium for Kuching Malaysia Federal Territory MXI Corp Xovitality Consumers on August 3 (amazon) (shopzilla)

(PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Mr. Adam Paul Green of Montpelier Vermont is a successful online investor, who announced today that he will host the Xocai Team Elite online symposium for the MXI Corp XoVitality Kuching Malaysia Federal Territory consumers. This meeting will be held on August 3, 2013.

New call number: 888-998-7766

New webinar login site:


Those who can make it there will receive the details on the science behind our new cr

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    Dr. Sam Speron Discusses The Battle Between Saline, Silicone And New Generation Implants (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Park Ridge, IL (PRWEB) August 11, 2013

    Breast implant surgeries have escalated 40% since 2010 with nearly 300,000 women opting for breast augmentation. However, when it comes to choosing breast implants, women are often baffled on which implants will give them the more natural look that they desire.

    Saline and silicone implants have been used by plastic surgeons since the 1960s. Silicone gel implants were introduced in 1968, however banned temporarily in the US in 1992. The FDA issued a suspension on silicone gel implants due to the concern of the product causing autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. From 1992 to 2006, saline implants were the only choice available to women seeking breast augmentation in the United States. During that time, silicone gel implants still remained the choice of implant for women in South America, Europe and Canada. The FDA finally lifted the suspension on silicone gel implants in 2006 after substantial evidence was presented that silicone gel implants did not cause any diseases. It was confirmed that a womans risk of developing auto-immune diseases was the same whether a patient had silicone gel implants or no implants.

    Saline breast implants are filled with sterilized saltwater solution similar to the fluid that makes up most of the human body. The implant is inserted without fluid and will then be filled to a predetermined size. Silicone gel implants come pre-filled with silicone gel inside a silicone outer shell. Saline implants are more susceptible to rippling, and many patients find them to be a less-natural feeling alternative to silicone.

    In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved a new-generation MemoryShape Breast Implant manufactured by Mentor, a unit of New Brunswick-based Johnson & Johnson. The silicone gel in the MemoryShape Breast Implant will contain additional cross-linking compared to the silicone gel used in the companys previously approved implants. Cross-linking refers to the bonds that link one silicone chain to another which will result in a silicone gel that is firmer.

    “The Mentor MemoryShape gives a more natural tear drop shaped appearance in which the upper portion of the breast drops down to a fuller lower portion of the breast forming a breast that looks and feels natural.” noted Dr. Sam Speron, board certified breast plastic surgeon and consumer advocate.

    Mentor will still be required conduct a series of approved studies to evaluate long-term safety and effectiveness conclusions and the risks of rare disease. Mentor will be tracking approximately 2,500 women who will receive the MemoryShape Breast Implants and will be followed until they have completed their 10 year assessments for long-term device performance.

    A patient should keep in mind that any type of implant can exhibit rippling of the overlying skin. Both silicone and saline implants can give you a natural look, especially if the implants are positioned under the chest muscles. Silicone gel breast implants on the other hand have a reputation for providing a more natural feel. Both silicone and saline are considered to be exceptional and safe choices. The choices between implants are primarily determined with the patients personal goals and preferences.

    My opinion is in favor of either saline or silicone implants. I mainly want to achieve constructing natural-appearing results and I believe you can accomplish these results with either silicone or saline, notes Dr. Sam Speron. I tell my patients that silicone implants are a bit riskier as they have a higher contracture rate and need for MRIs but the choice is entirely theirs. At this time, about 80% of my breast augmentation patients chose silicone. added Dr. Sam Speron

    Whatever a patients motives are for considering breast augmentation, it is important that the patient chooses an experienced plastic surgeon who can guide the patient in choosing the best implants as well as keeping the aesthetic goals in mind achieving the finest and utmost natural results.

    Dr. Speron is the founder and medical director of Dr. Speron Plastic Surgery. He is board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and an active member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).

    For more information on breast augmentation and breast implants, please visit our website at, call us at 847.696.9900 or email us at prplastic(at)yahoo(dot)com. To order physician-strength skin care, anti-aging or herbal supplements, please see our website at

    The study for this article can be found on this website:

    More information on the new-generation silicone gel breast implants and the study can be found on this website:

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      Dr. Sam Speron Says Winter Time Is A Great Opportunity For Laser Vein Removal Treatments (amazon) (shopzilla)

      Park Ridge, IL (PRWEB) December 19, 2012

      Dr. Sam Speron says winter time is a great opportunity for laser vein removal treatments. Laser vein removal is now a very common procedure that many men and women have been opting for in order to treat their spider and varicose veins. The presence of spider or varicose veins can be frustrating and may be caused by genetics, weight gain (especially obesity), pregnancy, sun exposure, lack of exercise or hormonal changes.

      Usually laser treatments are more dangerous when patients are exposing their skin the the sun before laser sessions. Usually it is recommended that a patient avoid tanning or tanning beds for 2-4 weeks before a laser treatment. Failure to do so can result in an increased chance of getting a burn from the laser therapy. This is obviously less of a concern during the wintertime, unless of course, there is a vacation or prolonged sun exposure in the picture.

      I definitely recommend laser vein removal in the winter time over summer treatments. This doesn’t mean we do not perform laser vein treatments in the summer months but patients have to be more honest and careful. If they have been tanning, it is always safer to delay the laser therapy, says Dr. Sam Speron, Chicago plastic surgeon and consumer advocated. Machines for laser vein removal are now more advanced and more effective while causing less pain. Laser removal is a great option for removal of both spider veins and varicose veins up to 1cm in size. However, safety is always our #1 concern!

      Laser vein removal is usually fast and effective. Patients are advised to avoid any type of sun exposure and photosensitive medication for at least two weeks prior to treatment in order to minimize chances of burning. Treatments are usually spanned out 6-8 weeks apart. Usually there is minimal pain associated with the treatments; however, a topical numbing anesthetic can be prescribed if a patient has a lower pain tolerance. Also, a chiller (that blows cold air) is used at our medical spa to minimize any discomfort.

      The laser vein removal treatment works by targeting the spider veins and then proceeding to cauterize the vein which after being closed off it will be reabsorbed by the body. When it comes to varicose veins, the laser treatment has been found effective in shrinking the size. Furthermore, laser vein removal has been found to be more effective, faster and a less painful way of removing the veins compared to sclerotherapy.

      For more laser vein removal or Chicago cosmetic surgery information, please visit our website at,, call us at 847.696.9900 or email us at prplastic(at)yahoo(dot)com. To order skin care, anti-aging or herbal supplements, please see our website at

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        Marine D3: Review Exposes Anti-Aging & Blood Pressure Supplement (amazon) (shopzilla)

        Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 18, 2013

        Marine D3 supplement, a blood pressure and anti-aging supplement that aims at helping people fight the aging process while helping high blood pressure has caught the attention of fitness and nutrition expert Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.

        “Marine D3 has been causing quite a buzz on Amazon, forums and the rest of the internet. People want to do know does it work or is it just some scam,” reports Michaels. Michaels says, “There is a reason that it is a top selling supplement on the Internetit gets people real results. It is not just a supplement that helps with blood pressure. It also helps with anti-aging by rejuvenating the breakdown of cells in both women and men in addition to several other benefits.”

        After the Marine D3 review Michaels shows that it offers a wide variety of secondary benefits associated with things like vision, cholesterol, energy and even joint pain.

        The company behind the product also firmly believes in customer satisfaction. That is why it also comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which allows customers to be able to put their trust in the product by trying it out first.

        Charlie Dombek from Maryland said, “I love playing basketball and competing against the younger guys! But this past year, I’ve had more injuries than ever. After taking Marind-D3 for 3 weeks, I feel like a new man. My favorite part is that it gave me immediate ways to reduce the pain in my joints.”

        “There is a reason that Marine D3 is one of the top selling supplements on the Internet. Marine-D3 is a scientifically designed little purple ocean based super-pill that floods your body with the same repairing, enriching, and youth giving secrets that deep sea algae uses to live as long as 200 years & help lower and restore your blood pressure levels.”

        How does Marine-D3 work?

        According to Michaels, “It is designed to remove toxins 24 hours a day. Focusing on flooding your cells with the nutrition they need and repairing breakdown at the cellular level. When one gives their cells what they need they will experience health benefits, increased energy and more.”

        Those wishing to purchase Marine D3 supplement, or for more information, click here.

        To access comprehensive Marine D3 reviews, visit the official site here.

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          T.A. Sciences Anti-Cellular Aging TA-65

          Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

          T.A. Sciences is proud to offer individuals the most proven effective method for cellular rejuvenation. With their exclusive TA-65

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            Bel Marra Health Reports on Recent Research Revealing Prolonged Life Using Bile (amazon) (shopzilla)

            Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

            Bel Marra Health, who offers high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements, reports on a recent study revealing a slowed aging process with bile.

            As Bel Marra Health reports in its article, ( humans have constantly been searching for a way to increase longevity and our quality of life. As science and technology becomes more advanced, scientists are beginning to discover new ways for people achieve better health and live longer. A recent study conducted by Vladimir Titorenko, Research Chair in Genomics at Concordia University, has found an unexpected substance that may increase human lifespan bile.

            Vladimir Titorenko and his team tested over 19,000 different small molecules to determine if they were able to increase the average lifespan of yeast. During the study they noted that LCA (Lithocholic Acid), an acid found in bile, had a drastic effect on the way that the yeast aged. This positive outcome showcased the potential for extending the longevity of a living organism.

            Lithocholic acid, one of the main acids found in bile, exhibited many features that would suggest it was the main reason that the yeast was able to live longer. The LCA interacted with two different aspects of the yeast. The first interaction was automatic and it occurred regardless of the amount of calories found in the yeast. As for the second reaction, it showed calorie-restriction due to stressor proteins. With the combination of these two interactions, the aging process of the yeast drastically slowed.

            The recent findings gave scientists a new insight into prolonged life. With the information gathered from the study, Titorenko has explained that the next step is to determine whether bile can affect other species. There has been past evidence of bile being beneficial to certain species, such as rodents. In mice, bile assists with pancreatic functions and liver functions. The mice that have bile have been known to experience good health and longevity. With that being said, further research needs to be conducted to prove the benefits of bile in humans.

            With the characteristics showcased in the yeast study, scientists believe that the LCA found in bile can greatly assist with some of the most common diseases known to humans. Diabetes, metabolic issues, and obesity may have the opportunity to be treated with the assistance of LCA. Considering that LCA helps to slow down the aging process and all of the aforementioned health issues, this discovery could be quite advantageous for the majority of the population to live longer and in good health.

            Every person in the world contemplates methods that they can use to help themselves live longer. Whether they are suffering from a difficult disease such as diabetes, or even if they are casually curious, the question still remains: what can be done to live a longer life? The recent finding from Titorenkos study puts the science community closer to answering that question. With the anti-aging effects experienced from LCA, people may soon be living longer, healthier lives.

            (SOURCE: Alexander A. Goldberg, et al. Chemical genetic screen identifies lithocholic acid as an antiaging compound that extends yeast chronological life span in a TOR independent manner, by modulating housekeeping longevity assurance processes. Aging, 2010)

            Bel Marra Health is the maker of Clinical Strength Ageless Complex, a high-quality nutritional supplement that helps fight against premature aging and inflammation and supports energy levels. All ingredients are backed with scientific evidence. Every product is tested for safety, quality, and purity at every stage of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, Bel Marra Health products are produced only in Health Canada approved facilities, going the extra mile to ensure that our health-conscious customers are getting top quality products. For more information on Bel Marra Health visit or call 1-866-531-0466.

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              Dr. Speron Explains the Perceived Difference Between Male & Female Plastic Surgeons and Boston’s Gender Discrimination Law (amazon) (shopzilla)

              Park Ridge, IL (PRWEB) August 18, 2013

              Cosmetic surgery is successfully booming in the United States and it continues to rise as more individuals seek self-improvement surgically. Despite the enticements, there aren’t a lot of women streaming into plastic surgery as they are into other medical fields such as general medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics and gynecology.

              According to a August, 2012 study by the American College of Surgeons, the number of women in surgery training has increased evidently from 21 percent in 1999 to 35 percent in 2009.

              There were some indications that male and female physicians communicate differently with their patients. Researchers say that, when they observed doctors of both genders during a hundred patient visits, they found that women physicians were more passionate and less overbearing than men. The real subject of debate between male and female plastic surgeons may be though that they have different standards of beauty.

              Female patients are drawn perhaps to the awareness that they are going to acquire more understanding and time from a female surgeon, notes Dr. Sam Speron, board certified plastic surgeon and consumer advocate. I do personally feel though that there are excellent male and female plastic surgeons who relate well to their patients. My patients visually look for a sense of comfort, someone who they are willing to trust. A sense of security is more important to patients than the gender of their physician!

              As reported by the Boston Globe in February of 2013, a Harvard Medical School doctor has settled a gender discrimination lawsuit against Bostons Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for $ 7 million. Dr. Carol Warfield, who became chief of anesthesia at Beth Israel in 2000, stated that the former chief of surgery discriminated against Carol due to her being a woman. The chief of surgery openly disregarded Carol in meetings and urging for her removal. Once Carol protested to her former chief executive, she suspected both men retaliated and forced her out. Carol Warfield still sees patients part time in the clinic she helped start. Warfield, in an interview with the Globe spoke about the difficulties she had to face as a woman ascending to the top influences of academic medicine. Warfield had also stated that she continuously felt an obligation to keep the door open for other women.

              The human potential to excel in the medical field should not be the province of one gender or another. Dr. Sam Speron noted. There shouldn’t be any discrimination anywhere, especially in the medical field Dr. Sam Speron added.

              When asked in ASPS studies, individuals mostly answered no preference to the question of preferring a male or female surgeon. Patients specified that when choosing a plastic surgeon, what is strictly more important to them is education, credentials and experience. The outdated notions that female plastic surgeons were more compassionate and related better to women or male plastic surgeons were smarter or more competent are simply no longer valid.

              Dr. Speron is the founder and medical director of Dr. Speron Plastic Surgery. He is board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and an active member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).

              For more information on anti-aging treatments or plastic surgery procedures, please visit our website at, call us at 847.696.9900 or email us at prplastic(at)yahoo(dot)com. To order physician-strength skin care, anti-aging or herbal supplements, please see our website at

              All Information on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery study in July 12, 1998.


              Court case number: Warfield v. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc., 454 Mass. 390 (2009)

              Court of record:

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                Advanta Supplements Melatonin Back In Stock (amazon) (shopzilla)

                Des Moines, IA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

                After being out of stock due to overwhelming product demand, Melatonin by Advanta Supplements is back in stock and customers who have back ordered are now receiving their product.

                “The orders for our new melatonin have shattered all internal sales records and projections, said Steven Vegors, VP of customer service. Our all natural sleep aid is so popular because it is helping insomniacs get the rest they need.”

                Melatonin – which is often referred to as the hormone of darkness, regulates the sleep-wake cycle by causing drowsiness and by lowering the bodys temperature. Humans produce melatonin naturally, secreting it from the pineal gland primarily when light is absent. However, shift work, aging, and other factors can reduce its production, causing insomnia and the related health problems that result from a lack of rest.

                As a natural supplement, Melatonin offers other benefits in addition to aiding sleep. Because it easily crosses cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier, it is highly regarded as an effective antioxidant and anti-aging hormone.

                A recent customer of Melatonin by Advanta Supplements stated “I bought these for my husband and they work great. They kick in faster than other pills he’s tried and they last long enough to get him into a restful sleep. He doesn’t feel the “hangover” effect like with most other pills when he wakes up either. Definitely worth buying if you need help winding down at night”

                Adults seeking to end nighttime restlessness and hours of tossing and turning, who desire to wake up fully restored from full nights sleep, can visit Amazon and enjoy a 47% savings on a bottle of 50 tablets ($ 10.49 off the list price of $ 19.67). They can also take advantage of Advanta Supplements special: Buy 2 Get One Free at


                About Advanta Supplements

                Located in the heart of Iowa, Advanta Supplements partners with FDA-approved labs to develop, test, and manufacture a line of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements. All Advanta products are made in the U.S. and backed by a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

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                  For Those Wanting To Look Younger Quickly, A Game Changer Is About To Hit The Streets According To Liberty Health Network, LLC (amazon) (shopzilla)

                  Tampa, FL (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

                  The Beau Visage Lineup of Facial Treatments has been working for Liberty Health Network, LLC, (LHN) and their customers. But recently company executives gave clues that a new anti aging skin treatment product is on the horizon.

                  “We are excited. What more can I say?” Says the ever enthusiastic LHN Chief Operations Officer Russell Bly. “All I can say is that we’ve identified an opportunity to advance our product lineup consistent with LHN’s commitment to continuous improvement. All I can say is that fewer people will be frowning at laugh lines!” Bly said.

                  It was not announced weather the new product would be an addition or a replacement to an existing product in the LHN mix. To put customers at ease, LHN has a policy of they call Proactive Upgrades. When an improved replacement product is placed into distribution, the company sends the new product at no cost to customers who purchased the legacy product within the last 30 days.

                  LHN has been working with several of their top Affiliate Marketers to capitalize on the new products release. Affiliate Marketers are individuals who enroll in LHN’s Free Affiliate Program and use special links to drive traffic to the companies web sites. Whenever a sale is made through the Affiliate’s efforts, a 15% commission is paid. LHN reports that the Affiliate Marketing program is receiving much attention due to the extremely high conversion rates on the Beau Visage sales.

                  In addition, the company is seeing an increase in Amazon Affiliates marketing the companies products. Those Affiliates are part of the Amazon network, but also receive commissions on sales of LHN products driven to Amazon’s sales channel. Amazon Affiliates generally construct information portals such as or with product specific ads linking back to Amazon.

                  LHN and their Affiliates offer the following products: Beau Visage Non Surgical Facelift Mask; Beau Visage Facial Herbal Toner with Hyaluronic Acid and Witch Hazel (2 Ingredients recommended by TV’s Dr. Oz); Beau Visage Facial Cleanser; Beau Visage Anti Aging Moisturizer. All four of the above products may be purchased individually, or in a complete set on Amazon.Com

                  In addition, LHN offers several of the company’s best-selling Mortechem-Free Nutritional Supplements such as AlliSTAR Premium Garlic Supplement; ProZymaCleanse Daily Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, and Fiber Supplement; O2 Plus Saturated Oxygen Drops; SlimEZ Weight Loss Supplement Capsules; MGA Plus Mangosteen, GoJi, Acai, and Pomegranate Capsules which play an important role in turning back the hands of time.

                  Additional products are also offered exclusively on the company’s website for Network Marketing distributor sales.

                  About Liberty Health Network, LLC

                  Liberty Health Network is one of the nations leading Direct and Internet Marketing companies with a state-of-the-art Global Distribution facility in Tampa Bay, Fl. For 12 Years, the Liberty Health Network name has been synonymous with high quality Mortechem-Free Nutritional Supplements, Anti Aging Skin Care, and Internet Web Applications. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

                  Individuals interested in affiliate Marketing are encouraged to visit the new Affiliate Marketing Online Store at Http://Www.FaceLiftMasks.Com

                  Businesses or Individuals interested in distributing Liberty Products or requiring more information on this topic should contact Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly at (813) 774-8191 or e-mail at office(at)libertyhealthbiz(dot)com.

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                    Adaptrin, the All Natural Herbal Supplement Released Information Today Providing a Scientifically Proven Anti-Aging Approach to Optimal Body Functionality Defying Stress (amazon) (shopzilla)

                    Staten Island, New York (PRWEB) August 13, 2013

                    Adaptrin, the all natural herbal supplement released information today providing a unique and scientifically proven anti-aging approach to optimal body functionality, in-turn defying stress. The supplement developed on the foundations of Tibetan medicine, has shown unique, broad range anti-oxidant properties that help address inflammation and stress the body faces with aging and todays modern life-style. Importantly the supplements bio-protectant properties help provide cells with the tools to cope with popular-culture supplements and over-supplementation. In simple terms it restores and heals cellular function.

                    With recent news about a connection between increased risk of prostate cancer in men and the over-use of fish oil supplements, which may work as pro-oxidants, Adaptrins bio-protectant action neutralizes the stress on an organism due to excess supplement usage. In a way, Adaptrin works as a smart compound protecting our body from harm due to an excessive nutrient supply.

                    “Evolving awareness of nutrition in maintaining health and longevity has led us to the use of dietary supplements, said Dr. Vladimir Badmaev, whose family developed the formulation for Adaptrin. However, continuous intake for several months or years of the compilation of high doses of vitamins, synthetic and natural antioxidants, essential trace elements, energizers, essential fatty acids and high potency protein formulas will deplete the bodys ability to accommodate and utilize the supplemented nutrients. Even the best meant and researched nutrition may not help our body to stay healthy. In fact, nutrient over-supplementation may accelerate aging and the disease process by depleting the body of its own natural defense mechanisms and the ability to heal naturally.

                    As a result, we need a complementary strategy which takes into account the need to enhance bodys ability to accommodate those supplements, Dr. Badmaev said. Adaptrin, a multi-component all natural herbal and mineral formula derived from an indigenous tradition of Tibetan medicine, offers such a strategy by improving overall wellness and assists the bodys cells by providing tools to cope with excess of nutrients due to over-supplementation and facilitates cells own healing.

                    The Bioprotectant action of Adaptrin is derived from Indo-Tibetan concept of Rasayanas or vitalizers. The combination of herbs and minerals that promote energy circulation improves the blood vessel function, elasticity and ultimately blood delivery to the tissues. In a study of cognitive and mood functions in patients with a median age of 59, nearly all who used Adaptrin during a six-month period said they had improvements in memory, mental clarity and orientation, energy and alertness, sleep, mental attitude and well-being. Adaptrins influence adjusts and normalizes body function in response to daily challenges and prevents age-related decline by promoting healing process (Badmaev, V. Tibetan Medicine: An Effective Botanical Supplement for Peripheral Vascular Circulation J Cardiovasc Dis Diagn 2013, 1:3 —

                    Adaptrin has proven safety and efficacy in clinical studies and has a long history of use in various ethnic, cultural and age groups.


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