Studies Show Mens Biological Clock is Ticking Too — Chinese Medicine Can Boost Sperm Quality (amazon) (shopzilla)

Vancouver Canada (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

Age takes its toll on mens sperm starting at about age 30, and semen quantity and sperm quality decline sharply after age 45 according to a recent study presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicines annual conference. (

This can affect pregnancy outcomes for couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). Advanced paternal age is also associated with a higher risk of spontaneous abortion and genetic disorders like downs syndrome, autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia. Natural supplements and Traditional Chinese medicine appears to repair the quality of aging sperm.

Acubalance Wellness Centre, a Fertility Acupuncture clinic, is offering a free seminar on Fertility and Age: Can You Turn Back the Reproductive Clock? March 12 at Pekoe Tea Lounge in Vancouver. Lorne Brown, a Dr of TCM and clinical director at Acubalance, will be talking about the effects of age on mens and womens fertility, and what you can do about it.

Much of what we do is try to slow down the reproductive clock, repair environmental insults to the reproductive system, and extend that window of fertility for both men and women. Chinese herbal therapy and regular acupuncture has been shown to boost sperm quality. There are now some exciting studies showing that CO Q10 may be effective in improving semen parameters. says Brown.

A study published in the Journal of Urology found that Coenzyme Q10 supplementation resulted in a statistically significant improvement in certain semen parameters. The study stated that further studies were needed to determine to what extent those improved parameters results in increased pregnancy rates.

Another study has just shown that vitamin D levels may be a potent factor in fertility for men and women. Vitamin D is essential for the healthy development of each sperms nucleus. It also increases levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, improving a mans libido, according to the review of several studies, published this week in the European Journal of Endocrinology.

Vitamin D3 is one of the supplements I prescribe to boost male fertility in all my male patients particularly those over 40, says Brown.

Dr Browns Five Fab Nutrients are:

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    Omega XL Reports New Independent Study: Omega-3s Can Boost Childrens IQ (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) March 17, 2013

    A research team from New York University analyzed the best available studies involving samples of children, from birth to kindergarten, from their newly assembled Database of Raising Intelligence. Their findings, published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, suggest omega-3 supplementation, such as with Omega XL, can boost a childs IQ score.

    The team analyzed the effects of several nutritional supplements given to expecting mothers, new mothers, and their children in the hopes of raising the childrens intelligence. They found that supplementing either a pregnant mother or supplementing infant formula with omega-3 fatty acids raises a young childs IQ by more than 3.5 points. The researchers noted that the other supplements investigated, such as iron, thiamine, ascorbic acid and B vitamins, had absolutely no effect on IQ. Children given omega-3 supplements were also enrolled in a quality preschool and engaged in activities such as interactive reading. This combination, the researchers suggest,

    can help in raising a child’s intelligence quotient.

    The likely mechanism behind the beneficial effects of omega-3 supplementation lies in the fact that these essential fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA, are essential for – among other vital process – nerve and brain cell development, however the body cannot produce them on its own. Healthy levels of DHA and EPA must come from diet, supplementation or both. Published literature indicates a sustained deficiency of omega-3 DHA and EPA can contribute to numerous health issues.

    Omega XL is one of only two Omega 3 supplements sold in the world that contains the patented stabilized marine lipid extract PCSO-524 derived only from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, with 30 healthy fatty acids including DHA and EPA. Sold in other parts of the world under its sister brand name Lyprinol, Omega XL is manufactured exclusively by Great HealthWorks Inc., and is the most widely available omega-3 fish oil supplement containing the potent PCSO-524 marine lipid extract. To find more information about Omega XL and PCSO-524 visit

    Source: Perspectives on Psychological Science

    Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.1177/1745691612462585

    How to Make a Young Child Smarter: Evidence From the Database of Raising Intelligence

    About Great HealthWorks, Inc.

    Great HealthWorks, founded in 2003, is a global manufacturer and distributor of natural products direct to consumer through its fully integrated multi-media, product, sales, and fulfillment operations, as well as publishes New You, a quarterly magazine focused on health, beauty, and anti-aging. Its flagship product, Omega XL, is an all-natural, highly purified marine lipid extract from the green lipped mussel (Perna Canaliculus) known as PCSO-524. This patented marine lipid complex comes exclusively from the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand, and contains 30 healthy fatty acids. Great HealthWorks corporate headquarters and distribution center are in Hollywood, Florida. To find out more about Great Health Works, visit And for more information about the benefits of Omega XL, visit Join the conversation:

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      Anti-Aging Company Announces Marine D3 Product Review After Study Reveals Ways to Boost Good Cholesterol Production (amazon) (shopzilla)

      Houston, TX. (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

      After the Methodists Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention announced the release of a new study which shows that things such as minimal exercise and dieting can help with cholesterol issues, announced a new review of the Marine D3 product. This product an anti-aging supplement designed to help people control their cholesterol levels in a safe and natural way by helping give the body what it needs to be its healthiest through the aging process. This product is designed to help adults with the aging process by lowering bad cholesterol levels, improving circulating and helping with joint stiffness and pain as well.

      The company hopes that the new product review, along with the information from this study about natural ways to improve good cholesterol production in the body will encourage more people to take action when it comes to their cholesterol. This new study revealed there are a number of natural ways that people can help themselves with cholesterol related issues. This is why the anti aging company has announced their new free review of Marine D3; so those interested in lowering their cholesterol and improving their quality of life can learn how this natural and safe supplement can help them. The company hopes that more people will turn to things like diet and exercise as suggested by this new study while adding all natural supplements like Marine D3 to their routine so they can live healthier lives as they age.

      The new review of this Marine D3 supplement will feature detailed insight on the product and its uses. To find out more about Marine D3 and how it can help lower these cholesterol levels visit The companys new review has recently launched on the company website and is available for any individual interested for free.

      To find out more about the company and the best anti-aging solutions available in todays market, visit:

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