Applied Nutriceuticals Launches Fat Burning Supplement Fat Free (amazon) (shopzilla)

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) January 24, 2012

Applied Nutriceuticals officially launched its new fat burning supplement, Fat Free, on January 16, 2012. Fat Free stimulates a powerful muscle-sparing effect that is specifically designed to stop the yo-yo effect while significantly increasing the bodys metabolism and provide clean, jitter-free energy. Don Orrell, President of Applied Nutriceuticals says, One of the biggest problems with most common fat burners is they rely on heavy stimulants and not much else. Fat Free also provides incredible energy, but the real science is about how well it helps maintain lean muscle. This is the secret to long-term success, and its going to revolutionize the industrytheres already more buzz on this product than Tim Tebow!

Applied Nutriceuticals Fat Free supplement contains ursolic acid, which has been shown to help maintain lean muscle mass and burn fat faster. According to a recent clinical study conducted by The University of Iowas Medical School, skeletal muscle tissue weight was 14 percent higher in the ursolic group vs. the control group. Furthermore, the ursolic group saw a fat cell diameter 30 percent lower and a belly fat weight 25 percent lower than the control group.

Fat Free provides all of these key elements to obtaining a fit, trim, hard body:

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    AgeForce Develops Groundbreaking Fat Burning Weight Loss Patch Formula (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Hallandale Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 17, 2013

    AgeForce, the consumer brand of Phase4 Pharmaceutical, LLC., announced that they have developed a breakthrough Weight-Loss Fat Burner Patch that will now be offered to the public along with their complete line of dietary supplement patches. This new AgeForce supplement patch is specially formulated to burn body fat and most importantly, it will reduce and inhibit the accumulation of new body fat. The Weight-Loss Fat Burner patch has been in the research and development stage at Phase4 Pharmaceutical labs for over two years and is now said to be the most advanced and effective over-the-counter weight loss and fat burning supplement available anywhere. It is quickly becoming AgeForce’s best selling new product in the extremely large worldwide weight loss supplement market category.

    Phase4 Pharmaceutical CEO, Stephan Lapidus, attributes the overwhelming success of the Weight-Loss Fat Burner Patch to both customer satisfaction and its unique formula, especially in keeping the weight off once a person looses it. “One very important distinction between our Weight-Loss Fat Burner patch supplement and all of the other products out there is its effectiveness in ongoing weight management. Almost everyone that has lost weight with a diet or some other weight loss supplement has had the disappointment and frustration of regaining the weight they lost. Our new breakthrough patches are unique because they also help you keep the weight off after you lose it.”

    In commenting on the Weight-Loss Fat Burner patch, Carl Lanore, the host of Super Human Radio, the internationally syndicated health, fitness and anti-aging online radio podcast show said, “The AgeForce Weight-Loss Fat Burner patch represents the most advanced non-stimulant fat loss supplement and delivery system available today.”

    The secret to AgeForce’s new formula is indeed groundbreaking and can only be found in their Weight-Loss Fat Burner patch. Their proprietary formula burns existing body fat and keeps weight off after the body loses it by inhibiting the formation of new body fat. In addition, there is no better way to deliver this revolutionary weight loss formula to the body than through a time-release transdermal patch. Medical professionals and clinical trials all support the important benefits of direct to the bloodstream delivery of medical and dietary supplement formulas when using advanced transdermal time-released patches.

    The new AgeForce weight loss patch will not cause a person to become hyper or jittery during use. In addition, to ensure the safety and pharmaceutical efficacy and quality of all of their supplements, all AgeForce supplement patch products are formulated, sourced and manufactured in their US FDA certified laboratories. The new Weight-Loss Fat Burner from AgeForce is fast becoming one of the most important new weight loss supplements on the market, which comes as no surprise to Phase4 Pharmaceuticals, a industry leader in dietary supplements using transdermal time-released patches since 1999.

    About Phase4 Pharmaceuticals and AgeForce: Phase4 Pharmaceutical and AgeForce

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