HGH.com to Open Up HGH “Health Club” for Members to Receive Bulk HGH Supplement Discounts (amazon) (shopzilla)

Boonton, NJ (PRWEB) October 02, 2013

HGH.com is excited to announce its upcoming HGH “Health Club”. The new concept is a way for customers to get great discounts on multiple HGH and Bodybuilding vitamin supplements. Currently, HGH.com offers a “Buy two, get one free” on almost all of their products. The new HGH Health Club is similar in that the more you buy, the larger discount you receive. All products from HGH Supplements to Bodybuilding Supplements are expected to be available in the Health Club.

Dan Smith from HGH.com said that “The new Health Club is a way for users to stack multiple supplements together while still receiving a discount. Currently discounts are only offered when purchasing the same product. Further, it’s really meant as a hassle free system in that all of their products are purchased up front and shipped to them on a schedule so that they never have to worry about reorders during their cycles. They can sit back and know that their products will come on schedule.”.

There’s no date yet on when the HGH Health Club will launch, however it’s expected to be available before the end of the year. The Club membership programs will have a Silver, Gold, and Platinum level of membership. The club you join will determine which HGH products are available for purchase. One very exciting aspect of the Platinum Club is that there will be personal training consulting services and personal diet plans included in the purchase of the Platinum club membership, provided by IFBB Professional Bodybuilders.

About HGH.com

HGH.com specializes in proprietary supplements for HGH Supplementation and Bodybuilding. Their supplements have benefits for building muscle, losing weight, anti-aging, increasing testosterone, and more. All of HGH products are produced in small runs to ensure the highest quality and purest ingredients, a lot of which are natural. HGH.com is the only supplement retailer known to have a Health Club savings program.

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    Walk In For A Facial, Walk Out With A Face Lift – Liberty Health Network Is Courting Day Spas With New Volume Discounts On Non Surgical Facelift Products On Amazon.Com (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Tampa Bay, FL, USA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

    Who wouldn’t want to look younger in less than an hour with no knives, needles, pain, or dangerous drugs? Evidently, lots of people! According to Liberty Health Network (LHN) many Day Spas are finding more customers wanting to turn back time. Many Spas are now offering LHN’s products as part of their package offerings.

    “We’ve heard from many spa owners who want to purchase Beau Visage products for resale. To accommodate the requests, we are proud to announce that wholesale 10-packs of our best selling Beau Visage Non Surgical Facelift Mask are now available on Amazon.Com. We now offer single, double, three, and ten packs of our Facelift Mask online.” Says LHN Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly.

    Looking younger quickly is the is the result all Beau Visage products are geared toward. The Beau Visage Facelift Mask is an Aloe-Based Facial that gently softens skin, improves skin tone, diminishes wrinkles, and lightens blemishes. Although the product shows results virtually immediately, continued use brings added results.

    “It’s a great income stream for the Spa. Esthetician-applied masks are being priced in the $ 90 to $ 150 range by Spas.” Say’s LHN Chief Financial Officer Tracy Grevert. “A ten-pack of the Facelift Without Surgery product is enough material for 30 to 60 treatments when properly applied. That’s up to $ 9,000 in revenue for the Spa” Said Grevert.

    Of course, single “Facelift in a Bottle” units are available on Amazon.Com through Amazon’s Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program. The FBA program allows Amazon Prime customers special perks such as second day or free shipping. The company says that while only the single untit Beau Visage Non Surgical Facelift is available through FBA, The Beau Visage Toner, Facial Cleanser, and Anti Aging Moisturizer can all be purchased traditionally from Amazon

    About Liberty Health Network, LLC

    Liberty Health Network is one of the nations leading Direct and Internet Marketing companies with a state-of-the-art Global Distribution facility in Tampa Bay, Fl. For 12 Years, the Liberty Health Network name has been synonymous with high quality Mortechem-Free Nutritional Supplements, Anti Aging Skin Care, and Internet Web Applications. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

    Affiliates wishing to have their sites promoted are asked to send LHN an e-mail including the website address and requested keywords for inclusion in future Search Engine Optimized (SEO) campaigns. Affiliates may e-mail the above information to the company at the e-Mail address on this release.

    This releases featured affiliate is Amazon of Health

    Businesses or Individuals interested in distributing Liberty Products or requiring more information on this topic should contact Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly at (813) 774-8191 or e-Mail office(at)libertyhealthbiz(dot)com

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