Cadogan Clinic Consultants Featured in Tatler Magazines Top 30 Anti-Ageing Experts Guide (amazon) (shopzilla)

London, UK (PRWEB) March 07, 2013

Cadogan Clinic, the highly-recognised aesthetic clinic London is home to, announced that three of its consultants were selected to be included in Tatlers Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2013 as part of the Top 30 Anti-Ageing Experts list. Produced as a supplement by the popular magazine, the list of specialists is a round-up of the UKs leading cosmetic surgery talent. The Cadogan Clinic practitioners who have been recognised by the edition are leading experts in their respective fields and some of the most prominent surgeons in Britain. As announced by the Mayfair-based private healthcare centre, the consultants profiled in the Top 30 list are Mr Marco Lens, generally occupied in the Cadogan eye rejuvenation clinic, Mr Nick Parkhouse form the facilitys London breast clinic and vascular treatment specialist Mr John Scurr.

Mr Marko Lens who has a legion of fans from London to Milan has cut-glass credentials from Oxford and Harvard, as well as extensive experience in the Cadogan eye rejuvenation clinic. Described by Tatler Magazine as the man to rid you of those dreaded under-eye bags using laser rather than scalpels, Mr Lens is positioned amongst the top cosmetic surgeons in the For the Eyes section of the list.

In the Best for Breasts, Tummies & Intimate Areas category, Mr Nick Parkhouse is profiled as a leading specialist in general cosmetic work as well as scar revision and female genital surgery (reshaping). He also has experience in the Cadogan London breast clinic treating unfavourable outcomes of prior surgery and is frequently asked to perform revision procedures. Described as a brilliant surgeon, Mr Parkhouse has been recognised by the Tatlers Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide for his high-quality work in the field of anti-ageing procedures.

The list of Britains Top 30 Anti-Ageing Experts also includes the Cadogan clinics leading vascular surgeon Mr John Scurr. Getting rid of unsightly leg, hand and neck veins are his specialty, the Tatlers guide reads. As noted by the magazine, Mr Scurr uses laser probes, foam sclerotherapy or a special gluing technique to provide the most effective and safest outcome of the vein treatments he performs.

To schedule an appointment with one of the Cadogan Clinic consultants listed in the Tatler Magazines Top 30 Anti-Ageing Experts guide, please visit

About the Cadogan Clinic

The Cadogan Clinic provides world class private healthcare in the heart of London. The healthcare professionals working at the clinic are leading specialists in their respective fields and have been handpicked by the clinics Medical Advisory Committee. The clinic prides itself in employing the most innovative methods and technologies available with in order to achieve unparalleled results for its clients.

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