Navy jet crash hero to make a fresh start

Navy jet crash hero to make a fresh start
It's a trip Mawyer made in reverse in 2000. At 44, he had just been released from prison and was headed to Virginia Beach, hoping for a clean break after years struggling with drugs. At Mayfair Mews, he found a community of aging tenants who …
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A look ahead at Erie's best bets for 2013
14 GE Transportation will continue the move of its corporate headquarters to Chicago, taking 50 Erie-based employees in the process. Good bet. Corporate offices are packing up, … 17 Presque Isle Downs & Casino will reverse a trend of declining slot …

In an effort to raise money for frail elders in crisis situations, Old Colony Elder Services, a private, nonprofit Aging Services Access Point, located in Brockton, is creating an emergency fund for frail elders by offering raffle tickets for $ 5 each …
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    US Navy moves to purchase up to 72 Boeing P-8s
    The P-8A, based on the commercial 737-800ERX, is due to replace the Navy's aging Lockheed P-3s for maritime surveillance and anti-submarine warfare. The aircraft will work closely with about 60 Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Tritons, unmanned aircraft that …
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    Changes and Challenges for China in 2013
    … highly embarrassing that concerns for regime stability forced censors to block searches for China's own leaders during the Eighteenth Party Congress, but authorities see a relatively open domestic Internet as an important source of unfiltered …
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