Science Shows DHEA Must be Used as a Cream from Health2Go, Inc, Not a Pill (amazon) (shopzilla)

Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a prohormone a natural base building block for hormones.

Though the skin may be the most visible indicator of health and age, by age 35 there are other noticeable signs hormone levels are declining. These signs may include decreased energy, less mental clarity, dry thin skin, trouble sleeping, increased abdominal fat and reduced sex drive, among others. The right DHEA supplement provided the right way can fight off many declines in physical and mental fitness.

We all have DHEA. DHEA is the most abundant pro-hormone in the body. In both men and women, levels of DHEA peak by about age 25 when we are in our prime and decline thereafter. After age 25 we make about 2% less per year. DHEA is a base for testosterone, estrogen, estradiol and about 50 other hormones.

That is why a bioidentical DHEA supplement is beneficial in many ways; but DHEA must be used as a transdermal cream to work. Twist 25

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    Isagenix Reveals a New Youth Pill that May Help Reverse Aging (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Chandler, AZ USA (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

    Isagenix has recently announced a new product called Product B. Product B is a health supplement that has recently emerged. This health supplement could help to reverse the aging process that takes over almost every part of the body.

    The Reason We Age

    The reason we age is simple. The reason we age is because our cells divide and our Telomeres become shorter. Product B is available with antioxidants plus Telomere support.

    A Testimonial

    Individuals using Product B have started to call it Youth in a Bottle because that is exactly what it is. Stacy Cartwright, a woman who has been taking the formula for over a year is convinced that Product B has made her feel younger. When she was 40, she felt like she was 50 and now, since she has taken Product B, she is 45 and feels like she is 30. The anti-aging health benefits of this product is obviously amazing.

    One Side Effect Reported

    To date, there is only one side effect you lose weight. To many, losing weight is a good side effect. Here is a product that will not only reverse aging, but also help with weight loss. While the human population may never be able to fully stop aging, there are various things we can do in order to stop the aging process from happening too soon. Now that Product B has made itself readily available; many individuals have started to take it in order to stop aging.

    For additional information and proof that will back these words up, readers can watch these two videos:

    Video One

    Video Two

    About Isagenix

    Isagenix Product is dedicated to introducing healthy pills that will help slow the process of aging in the human body.

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      Super Pill VGF 25+ Receives Rave Reviews from Product Research Website (amazon) (shopzilla)

      Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 16, 2012

      Recent studies have repeatedly stressed on the importance of a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables for a healthy body. However, consumption of such amounts of food is practically impossible for any human being. Thousands of men and women around the world now rely on the different vitamin supplements to provide the necessary food value to their system. In a recent review article published in, it has been revealed that Prograde VGF 25+ for Women is one of the best vitamin supplements in the market for women. The review mentions that this excellent supplement has been formulated specifically for women and offers nutrient rich extracts from as many as 25 fruits, greens, and vegetables and it goes perfect with probiotic supplements.

      The detailed VGF 25+ for Women review conducted by involved thorough study of the scientific background of the product and interviewing several experts and users. According to the review article, the benefits of this female vitamin supplement include optimization of nutritional foundation for maximum fat burning, increased level of energy, reduced stress and improved sleep quality, healthy kidney and bladder, better hormone balance, stronger nails, and shinier hair. The extraordinary capabilities of the product have been attributed by the experts to the presence of seven nutrient classes that include enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, macro and micro elements.

      Mike Roussell, a qualified nutritionist, has high regards for VGF 25+ for Women vitamin supplement. “To be completely honest I think that you guys have the best multivitamin in the country. Seriously, I’m very critical about vitamin and mineral supplementation because of the research that I have read and that has been published on synthetic vitamins is very mixed (and some bad). But, because you guys use whole food sources and not synthetics those concerns are out the window”, he says. also informs that buyers can avail free shipping, 60 days’ money back guarantee, and instant savings of $ 5/bottle while purchasing this product from Prograde Nutrition.

      Women can get a free trial of VGF 25+ here:

      About the Company: is a recently launched online review platform that offers unbiased review of different wellness products from Prograde Nutrition such as their popular fat loss supplements and anti-aging products. They have thoroughly analyzed all these highly talked about products to reveal the secrets behind their popularity.

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