Study Shows Potential Health Benefits of Lunasin-Based Supplement Program (amazon) (shopzilla)

Chesterfield, MO (PRWEB) September 19, 2013

Reliv International, Inc. (NASDAQ: RELV), a maker of nutritional supplements that promote optimal health, today released the results of a promising new study. In the University of Missouri study, pigs supplemented daily with Reliv Now

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    Lunasin Shows New Potential for Nutrition in Health Care (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Chesterfield, MO (PRWEB) April 24, 2013

    Last Friday, the scientific community celebrated DNA Day to commemorate the discovery of the double helix in 1953 and the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. While these milestones are certainly vital to modern genetics, it turns out science may have just scratched the surface when it comes to applying these principles to human health.

    Until very recently, the prevailing theory in the scientific community held that the DNA in genes themselves is solely responsible for gene expression as it applies to health and disease formation. In other words, good health is the result of healthy genes and bad health stems from damaged genes. And while the makeup of the DNA in genes certainly plays a critical role, new research show that it is not the only mechanism at work.

    There are more than 3 billon DNA sequences in the human genome, but there are only 20,887 protein-coding genes in each cell of the body, equivalent to 2% of the whole genome. The number of genes is similar to that of simple life forms such as a fruit fly or even a microscopic roundworm. So what about the other 98% of the genome, the so-called junk DNA? Clearly it has a major role to play in making humans human.

    Epigenetics and lunasin

    In September 2012, findings published from a large-scale federal project involving 440 scientists from 32 laboratories around the world provided an answer. It turns out that both junk DNA and the DNA packaging material act as genetic switches, informing the genome which genes to turn on and off. It is a complex system that acts like a dimmer for lights, controlling which genes are used in a cell, when they are used and how much they are used, and determining whether a cell becomes a skin cell, a liver cell, a neuron, etc.

    So what does all of this mean? It means you have more control over your health than you think you do, said Dr. Alfredo Galvez, research scientist at the Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics at UC Davis and lead scientific advisor at the Missouri Plant Science Center. Most of the changes affecting your health dont occur in the genes themselves; they happen in the epigenetic switches. And thats great news. While you cant reverse a gene mutation, you can influence epigenetic switches through lifestyle choices.

    Diet is central to it all: quality nutrition provides the fuel for healthy cell function. The soy peptide lunasin is the first nutritive compound clinically shown to promote optimal gene expression in cells through an epigenetic mechanism of action. And no other products optimize bioactive lunasin like Relivs LunaRich line of products. Learn more about LunaRich.

    How does lunasin work?

    Lunasin gets inside the cell and binds to chromatin in the nucleus. Chromatin is DNA (the genome) wrapped around DNA packaging material called histones (the epigenome). Histones are the main protein components of chromatin, acting as spools around which DNA winds. Modifications to specific tags in histone tails are important in gene regulation. Lunasin binds specifically to these histone tails to affect gene expression.

    In the epigenome, lunasin performs two functions:

    prevents enzymes in histones from turning on unhealthy gene expression
    activates enzymes in histones that promote healthy gene expression

    The result: healthier cells and better health outcomes. Learn more about the benefits of lunasin.

    Multiple pathways = multiple benefits

    Lunasin influences the epigenome in multiple cell types, so its effects go beyond individual pathways or individual genes. Each epigenome in each cell type is different. If lunasin affects the epigenome in a particular cell type one way, it will affect the epigenome in another cell type another way. Thats how it can provide multiple health benefits:

    Cholesterol management
    Inflammation reduction
    Antioxidant benefits
    Improved immunity
    Overall cellular health

    I believe epigenetics holds the key to the future of health care, Galvez said. Rather than focusing solely on preventing gene mutations via drugs, which target a specific pathway and a specific gene, we need to also explore the multiple pathways and multiple genes that can be influenced through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

    And no other company is advancing the nutritional possibilities of the emerging field of epigenetics like Reliv. We are in the middle of a revolution in nutrition and we are all witnesses. The most exciting part is that were really just getting started! Learn more about lunasin and epigenetics.

    About Reliv International, Inc.

    Reliv International, based in Chesterfield, Mo., produces nutritional supplements that promote optimal nutrition along with premium skincare products. Reliv supplements address essential nutrition, weight loss, athletic performance, digestive health, women’s health, anti-aging and healthy energy. Reliv is the exclusive provider of LunaRich

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