Online Shopping Hub Invites Readers to Shop Online for Suzanne Somers Anti-Aging Book Bombshell (amazon) (shopzilla)

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 25, 2012

Women and men who want to stay healthy, slim and sexy as they age can now head to consumer reviews hub, and shop online at its affiliate partner for the new Suzanne Somers book Bombshell.

Filled with insights and advice on everything from skin care secrets, supplements that reverse the signs of aging, balanced hormones that are the juice of life for weight loss, injectible blood-cell sized robots called nanobots that thwart heart disease, incredible thigh slimming exercises, and much more, Bombshell promises to refine aging, and help readers get on the path to restoration and healthy longevity.

As we age, the battle against weight loss, the struggle to find the right skin care program, and many other age-related issues start to crop up slowly at first, and then quite rapidly, commented an Affiliate Relationship Spokesperson for Fortunately, Suzanne Somers new book Bombshell is a window to leading edge medical and scientific research that is changing the game, and saying that we dont have to settle for aging gracefully instead, we can maintain and even improve our health, appearance and sexiness as we age!

Women and men who want to shop online at for Suzanne Somers new book, Bombshell, can start at MyReviewsNow.nets Beauty & Skin Care Portal. They can also browse for great gift ideas, and read helpful consumer reviews.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Lina Andrade at info(at)myreviewsnow(dot)net. Press release issued by


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