Improving the Regulation of Energy Expenditure May Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases and Avoid Pre-Mature Cellular Aging (amazon) (shopzilla)

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

A newly published study suggests, in animal models, an increased activity (expression) of a regulator of metabolism, PGC-1 Alpha, may improve pre-mature cellular aging. Nutri-Med Logic Corp, agreeing with this notable study, adds that credible research and evidence has pointed to R-Alpha Lipoic, a nutrient and a vital co-enzyme in the production of energy, as a viable mean to improve the activities of this regulator.

According to this study, by Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL, aging increases our vulnerability to muscle degeneration (Sarcopenia), as well as cardiovascular diseases and that the accumulated alteration (mutation) in mitochondrial (cellular energy plant) DNA caused its dysfunction leading to potentially shorter lifespan.

According to the University of Miami study, the increased expression of PGC-1 Alpha, a regulator of metabolism, while improved the mitochondrial function but did not reverse the accumulated mutation in mitochondrial DNA, rather it caused a small increase in its mutation. Nonetheless, the increased expression of muscle PGC-1 Alpha improved some premature aging phenotypes.

Suffices to say that increasing the function or capacity of mitochondria (biogenesis) results in the production of additional reactive oxygen species (oxidative stress) and the increased oxidative stress would be a contributing factor for the added mutation, in the abundance of mitochondria, as well as the copy number and integrity of mitochondrial DNA in human cells. (1)

Amongst mitochondrial anti-oxidant molecules, mitochondrial glutathione not only acts as key anti-oxidant defense against reactive oxygen species but also acts as a detoxifying enzyme, counteracting a variety of free radicals such as hydrogen peroxide, lipid hydroperoxides and xenobiotics, as well as being a co-factor for enzymes glutathione peroxidase or glutathione-S-transferase. (2)

In addition and according to The Department of Internal Medicine of University of Miami, the cellular Reduction-Oxidation (redox) is regulated by three systems, two of which are also regulated by glutathione. (3)

Overwhelming number of institutes, including the prestigious Linus Pauling Institute, have determined that Lipoic Acid (also known as R-Alpha Lipoic Acid) increases the synthesis of glutathione in the human cells.

Moreover and according to USDA/ARS Childrens Nutrition Research Center, in aged animals, the metabolic action of R-Alpha Lipoic is mediated through activating a cellular energy sensor (AMPK) that can regulate PGC-1 Alpha, a metabolic regulator. (4)

The USDA/ARS study suggests that, in animal studies, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid improves skeletal muscle energy metabolism (PGC-1 Alpha).

In conclusion, Nutri-Med Logic Corp agrees with this study and adds that R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, a nutrient and a vital co-enzyme in the production of cellular energy, offers unique health benefits such as being a potent anti-oxidant by itself, increasing the glutathione levels and most importantly improving the energy homeostasis.

Nutri-Med Logic Corp is a producer of dietary supplements such as a Pharmaceutical Grade R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, a potent anti-oxidant and the dietary supplement of choice for the Diabetics, in Germany for decades.

Nutri-Med Logic Corp is also the producer of the Natural, Deodorized and Concentrated Omega-3, which is also a Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3;

Producer of PolyEnylPhosphatidylCholine (PPC 425mg), an extract of soy, a pure and effective dietary source of choline and the recommended dietary supplement for those with Fatty Liver and Alcoholic Liver Disease, in Europe for decades.

Nutri-Med Logic Corp invites you to visit its News Archives and Review other News Releases on other potential benefits of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and anti-inflammatory nutrients such as Omega-3 and What Is Omega-3.

Nutri-Med Logic’s products are Formulated Based on Nutritional Logic, made from the highest quality raw materials that are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities, encapsulated in pharmaceutical facilities and packaged in pharmaceutical facilities.

It must be noted that the studies, sources or statements above or below have not been evaluated by The FDA and, thus, one should not relate the cause of any diseases, stated herein, to lack of the dietary supplements, stated herein, nor equate their supplementation to prevention, treatment or cure.

1. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2005 Apr;37(4):822-34.

2. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, Volume 11, Number 11, 2009

3. Drugs. 2011 Jul 30;71(11):1385-96

4. Metabolism. 2010 July; 59(7): 967976.


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    Bel Marra Health Reports on New Research Revealing Food Elements to Reduce Cellulite (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Toronto, ON (PRWEB) June 08, 2013

    Bel Marra Health, who offers high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements, reports on a new study revealing a healthy diet containing certain elements can help to reduce cellulite.

    As Bel Marra Health reports in its article, ( 80 percent of women in the western world have cellulite and many are desperate to find ways to get rid of it. There are all sorts of potions and lotions on the market that claim to help people get rid of those stubborn dimples on their thighs and buttocks. Scientists argue that there really is no quick fix. In fact, more and more experts believe that a balanced lifestyle is the best way to keep cellulite under control.

    Cellulite is a dimpling or cottage cheese effect that skin displays due to the stretching of connective tissues around fat deposits. While many people believe that cellulite is associated with being overweight, research shows that even thin people can have it.

    Scientists continue to study the safest and most cost-effective ways to treat cellulite. Interestingly, in recent years scientists have uncovered what they believe is a link between a nutritious diet and cellulite scores to help eliminate that bothersome appearance.

    A study published in the U.S National Library of Medicine found that rubbing a spermine-trapping molecule on the thigh could help lower thigh cellulite scores. Spermine is found in a wide range of organism and tissues. It was first found in human semen, but most recently discovered in food. Ground meat, lunch meat, green peas, and cheddar cheese are good sources of food to add into a diet.

    This isnt the only evidence that seems to connect diet with cellulite. An Italian study shows that a hormone known as adiponectin appears to act as protection against cellulite in the buttocks. The authors say if you want to keep levels of this hormone from dropping, the best approach is to maintain a good diet; a diet free of fried or fatty foods. Studies have demonstrated that switching to a vegetarian diet can increase adiponectin levels by as much as 19 percent.

    Some medical professionals believe a diet rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties is a good way to prevent cellulite. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from weakening connective tissues that often lead to lumps and bumps in the skin. Foods that are high in antioxidants include blueberries, beans, and cranberries.

    Doctor Howard Murad is one of the worlds leading experts on skin health. He recommends antioxidants to maximize skin health, including foods that contain vitamins A, C and E. He also suggests polyphenols and bioflavonoids. He calls them skin-nourishing. These nutrients can be found in leafy green vegetables, as well as fruits like oranges, pomegranates, and mangoes.

    Murad and his supporters believe that dehydration can increase the appearance of cellulite. Staying hydrated and consuming foods rich in Omega-3, instead of fatty foods, can diminish the appearance of dimples. These meals might include fish, eggs, or omega-3 enriched yogurt.

    While there is no magic cure for cellulite, recent research seems to suggest that a healthy diet and exercise can help firm up the skin and a smooth its appearance.

    (SOURCE: Greger, Michael, Dr. “Can Cellulite Be Treated With Diet?” Care2. N.p., 29 May 2013. Web.)

    Bel Marra Health is the maker of Clinical Ageless Complex, a high-quality nutritional supplement gives you the youth activating effects of two of the most formidable age fighters. ALC-7 has anti-oxidant properties that help reverse many age-associated declines in cellular function. Resveratrol helps maintain healthy blood pressure and also helps maintain clear and sharp mental function. All ingredients are backed with scientific evidence. Every product is tested for safety, quality, and purity at every stage of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, Bel Marra Health products are produced only in Health Canada approved facilities, going the extra mile to ensure that our health-conscious customers are getting top quality products. For more information on Bel Marra Health visit or call 1-866-531-0466.

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      Preventive Medicine Treatments for Future Mothers will Help Reduce the Number of Babies Born with Autism – Grand Opening of Living Longer Medical Resort on December 19 2012 (amazon) (shopzilla)

      Desert Hot Springs, Califronia (PRWEB) December 20, 2012

      The A 2011 Stanford University School of Medicine study which found that 62 % of autism risk as attributable to environmental factors. (#1) A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders is one in 88 in newborns, a 78% increase compared to results from a decade ago, and that the number of children born with autism and the number will double in the next 5 years..(#2)

      Multiple medical studies have found more than 200 chemicals in the umbilical cords of newborns.One of the recently Published Medical Research Studies, that found and identified the over 220 chemicals that may cause autism and other birth defects in a mothers umbilical cord, identified the rapidly-rising amount of toxic chemical contaminants found in our environment from exposures to air, water, and food, and in consumer products and commercial chemicals omnipresent on supermarket shelves.(#3)

      Our environment is currently flooded with chemicals that contaminate our body cells. One past study by the Environmental Protection agency (EPA) was engaged in the National Human Adipose (fat) Tissue Survey (NHATS). In this study, adipose samples from elective surgeries and cadavers from all regions of the country showed that the levels of measured and documented toxins reflected a skyrocketing increase. These results are a cause for great concern. Five of the chemicals that are known to cause birth defects were found in 100% of all samples. Another nine chemicals known to cause birth defects were found in 91-98% of all samples. In addition, olychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were found in 83% of all samples, and beta-BHC in 87%, both of which have linked to birth defects and cancer. A total of 20 toxic compounds that have been known to cause birth defects, such as autism, were found in 76% or more of all samples(#4).For unknown reasons The United States governments E.P.A. discontinued this important study in 1986 after documenting such alarming increases, although they still continue to monitor chemicals in our environment.(#5) Many more published studies both international and from the United States confirm that the amount of toxic chemicals, that are known to cause cancer, autism, birth defects, and many other health issues have been increasing at an alarming rate.(#6)

      The doctors believe and promote preventive medicine procedure that treat the causes instead of waiting to treat the effects of the many health issues that are growing at an alarming rate in our modern society (including autism, birth defects, cancers, dementia and memory loss). They also are convinced that preventative medicine will have a major role in the future of the health care industry in the USA.

      The fact that many of these health problems are related to or caused by toxic chemicals found in our bodys cells and the benefits of cleansing the body of these toxic chemicals and improving circulation and blood flow will continue to be shown in published medical studies and research papers. The doctors have developed science-based, natural medicine procedures that implement cellular cleansing in combination with oxygen delivery treatments. These medical procedures have shown amazing improvement for patients who already suffer from health issues, including autism and other neurological and autoimmune disorders. The treatments and procedures focus on flushing, cleansing, de-toxing and ridding the body of harmful chemicals. Blood testing is offered where an independent laboratory identifies the toxic chemicals, and documents the decrease in amounts that treatment produces).The other focuses of these medical procedures is to strengthen the immune system and to rejuvenate, regenerate and improve the bodys cells growth and development, by improving the circulation of the blood, and making the vessels and arteries that remove the toxins and deliver nutrition and oxygen to the cells much more efficient, beneficial and productive. The doctors use an inter-graded preventive medicine approach when administering preventive medicine treatments and when treating patients already affected with autism and other neurological disorders. These medical procedures use medical equipment and procedures that modern western medical research and science provide (hyperbaric chamber oxygen, cold light laser, enhanced external counter pulsation, passive oxygen, heart rate variability monitoring, infrared therapies),combined with time-tested, eastern natural-healing medicine(supplements, herbs, juicing, nutrition, diet, exercise, massage, wraps, yoga, mind body meditation, acupressure) to address, treat and prevent these health problems and promote anti-aging and longer life.

      They are also aware, from multiple medical studies, of the effect that stress has on the bodys overall health and healing. One study from Researchers in Columbus Ohio found that stress can stretch the total time it takes for a body injury to heal by as much as 40%.(#7) This study parallels other studies on the significant effects of stress on the human immune system (which is the critical component in how the body naturally fights diseases, infections, and heals itself).(#8) These facts led our doctor to create the concept of a medical resort where intensive, yet relaxing, medical treatments are administered in a health-retreat setting where patients are administered calming and soothing, yet intensive, medical treatments while relaxing and vacationing in a low-stress environment. The Doctors at Living Longer Medical Resort are sure that the treatment programs will cost less than you think, while ignoring them could be far more costly then you could ever imagine for your familys welfare and future. New York, N.Y. (March 28, 2012)

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        Dr. J G Moellendorf Offers 6 Dietary and Alternative Therapy Tips to Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer?s and Parkinson?s Diseases (amazon) (shopzilla)

        Sturgeon Bay, WI (PRWEB) November 06, 2012

        Over 5.4 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer?s disease. The incidence doubles with every 5 years beyond age 65. An additional 1.5 million people are affected by Parkinson?s, along with nearly 1 million with other dementias. Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Chiropractor and Naturopath, Dr. J G Moellendorf, DC, ND, LCP notes that this has a huge financial cost on society for treatment and nursing home care, along with the emotional toll on the victim and his or her family. These tragic diseases threaten to bankrupt not only the family, but the nation itself.

        There are many genetic and environmental risks that lead to Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s and the other dementias, but early recognition and natural preventative measures have been shown to delay and even halt their progression. Following are 6 tips that can be used to reduce the risks of dementias based on research from the past few years.

        1) Increase vitamin D

        Macrophages need to remove amyloid-? protein from the brain to avoid tau entanglement formations according to research published in the March 2012 issue of the Journal of Alzheimer?s Disease, Volume 29, Number 1. This process is dependant on an adequate supply of vitamin D. While the minimum recommended daily allotment has recently been increased to 400 IU, this should probably be increased to 1000 to 2000 IU daily to achieve this purpose.

        2) Increase omega-3 consumption

        The increased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids not only reduced death by strokes and heart attacks by 19% to 45%, it reduced the risk of dementia by 40 to 50% according to research published in the December 2010 issue of Nutrition Reviews, Volume 68. In addition, the May 2, 2012 edition of Neurology reports that the consumption of omega-3s reduces the production of ?-amyloid proteins of Alzheimer?s by 37%. The safest form of omega-3s is from molecularly distilled cold water fish oil as most fish have become contaminated with mercury and dioxins from pollution. Most adults need to consume 2000 to 3000 milligrams per day of combined EPA and DHA.

        3) Take a quality, food-based multi-vitamin/mineral supplement

        Many vital nutrients are missing due to food processing and growing food in depleted soils. A quality supplement can help replace these lost nutrients.

        4) Keep active

        There is truth in the old adage: move it or lose it. Keeping active has been shown to slow the progression of dementia. This often becomes difficult in the elderly because they ?ache all over? or ?just don?t feel good?. Chronic stress on spinal joints from poor posture and old injuries leads to chronic inflammation, which can result in arthritis. As the spinal joints become stiffer and misaligned, they can also irritate the spinal nerves, causing other problems depending on what body systems the nerves control. Spinal adjustments by a Doctor of Chiropractic can increase the spinal movement, decrease the aches and pains, and allow the nerves to work properly.

        5) Cold laser

        Brain aging is related to the accumulation of inflammation, oxidative damage to the cells, reduced metabolism, and possibly mitochondrial failure. Those with Alzheimer?s show decreased levels of the enzymes superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in the plasma. This causes inadequate anti-oxidant enzymatic activity to counteract the production of free radicals in the cellular mitochondria. Research has shown that Low Level Laser Therapy(cold laser) increases the production of these critical enzymes.

        6) Lose the extra weight

        A study was published in Neurology on March 26, 2008 showing that central obesity (in the abdomen) during midlife increased the incidence of dementia by three times 30 years later. This dementia was independent of the increased cardiovascular and diabetes symptoms that also appeared. Obesity was defined as a caliper measurement from the front of the abdomen to the back exceeding 25 centimeters. Peripheral obesity (in the arms and legs) had no effect on the risk of dementia.

        Additional information about Chiropractic, Naturopathy, and other forms of natural health care has been provided by Moellendorf Chiropractic Office, Ltd. at

        About: Dr. J G Moellendorf, DC, ND, LCP

        Dr. J G Moellendorf, DC, ND, LCP attended the University of Wisconsin?Superior where he majored in Physics and Mathematics, with a minor in art photography. While attending the University of Minnesota?Minneapolis, he assisted in research on ribosomal proteins. Completing his Chiropractic studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, he graduated Cum Laude (with high honors) in 1983. He started Moellendorf Chiropractic Office, Ltd. in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in 1983. In 1996, Dr. Moellendorf was awarded his Doctorate in Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health. In 2001, he received Chiropractic?s most prestigious award, the honorary Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers degree, for his thesis ?The Workings of Innate Intelligence in Obsessive/Compulsive and Addictive Behaviors.? This paper was chosen for publishing in the book Philosophic Contemplations vol. 2 in 2002. In June of 2012, Dr. Moellendorf authored his first book titled Healthcare?s Best Kept Secret. Dr. Moellendorf can be contacted by phone (920) 493-2126, fax (920) 743-1145, email jgmoellendorf (at) itol (dot) com, his website at, or send a carrier pigeon to 44.84722N and 87.36416W.

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