All Natural Skin Care Solution, Probiotic Action Shares New Research on Probiotics for Skin Allergies (amazon) (shopzilla)

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 23, 2013

A recent article by depicted new findings by researchers on the use of probiotics for allergy relief. As the article states, studies have shown that ingesting probiotics from a young age, has shown positive results in creating a resistance to allergic reactions. While the original reports were not specific on which types of probiotics were most beneficial, the newest reports are showing that ingesting them in liquid forms, may show the best results for users later one. Probiotic, known as a leader in natural skincare following the success of their adult acne treatment Action shares the news to their consumers, and explains how the new developments relate to their products.

For those suffering from skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, often the outbreaks are associated with allergies or an internal sensitivity to certain topical creams, clothing, or foods. For those who are looking to reduce the redness of outbreaks associated with the above mentioned skin conditions, often the use of topical creams or treatments are only meant to treat the outbreaks after they occur, instead of prevent them from happening. Probiotic Action suggests that if outbreaks are allergy driven, that their probiotic skin care options may be a solution for those seeking a natural skin care remedy, rather than just an after-breakout treatment. While each individual’s body chemistry varies, and bacteria levels may change, using probiotics to prevent an allergic breakout may be the solution to preventative skin care many have searched for. For consumers who are already using probiotics for skin care, the Probiotic Action team suggests the thought of adding an internal probiotic supplement, which may help support the anti-allergy properties of probiotics.

Its no surprise that the users of probiotics are finding additional health benefits, from skin care to gut health, says Probiotic Action spokesman Fernando Perez. Using probiotics as a preventive measure to control the levels of bacteria and reduce inflammation on the skin, is a natural solution to skin care that I recommend consumers try before expensive creams and chemical treatments, added Perez when asked why probiotics may be a better skin care treatment than traditional products.

For further insight on benefits of probiotics, and information on using probiotics for acne, rosacea, eczema, and other skin conditions, visit To stay in touch with Probiotic Action as they offer new products, like them on Facebook for reviews and product updates.

Probiotic Action is an advanced acne treatment that uses probiotics for acne containing the good bacteria that are naturally found on healthy human skin. By using probiotics, Probiotic Action is an effective treatment that restores the normal bacteria content on skin, while battling what causes acne. Probiotic Action, is widely known as the best acne treatment, and will successfully clear skin when used as an adult acne treatment while protecting skin against bad bacteria, free radicals, and pollutants*.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Probiotic Action is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    Kings College London Research Has Found an Association Between Diet and Depression / Anxiety in Elderly, Says Nutri-Med Logic Corp. (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Miami, Florida (PRWEB) November 29, 2011

    Nutri-Med Logic Corp: This newly published study by King’s College London establishes a more conclusive role for Essential Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Depression and Anxiety Disorders, from young to old.

    The study by the Kings College London states Plasma linoleic acid (Omega-6) levels were found to have a negative linear relationship with depressive symptoms. (Negative association denotes factors that lead to various forms of mental disorder.)

    The study, which included 130 participants, aged 60 to 86 years of age, from outpatient psychiatric services of four hospitals, concluded that the higher levels of Omega-6 are associated with higher residual Depression and Anxiety.

    The results of another recent study by National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggested that a daily diet of Omega3 fatty acids should be incorporated for the young and healthy individuals, since it has reduced their symptoms of anxiety.

    According to the NCCAM study, a 12 week, double-blind study that included 68 healthy young medical students (38 men, 30 women), not only suggested that omega3 fatty acids reduced the symptoms of Anxiety, and consistent with the previous studies of NCCAM, Omega-3 diet was suggested for reducing depressive symptoms in “clinically” depressed young subjects.

    Moreover, another recent study by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of National Institutes of Health and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHA) recommended that 2 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day to reduce depression and anxiety scores among active service members with recurrent self-harm tendency.

    Omega-3 and Omega-6 are classified as Essential Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, both of which are only obtained through diet and they form an important part of all cellular membranes. Human body is incapable of producing either Omega-3 or Omega-6 and thus depends on the diet for their supply.

    Omega-6 is found in most food but Omega-3 can only be attained from leafy green vegetables and cold-water fishes. Due to its scarcity in the diet, the deficiency of Omega-3 is substituted with readily available Omega-6, which explains the association between the higher residual depression / anxiety and the higher levels of Omega-6, as suggested by the King’s College study.

    The higher levels of Omega-6 can only be reduced through higher dietary intake of Omega-3.

    Higher intake of Omega-3, not only would reduce the high levels of Omega-6, determined to be the key focus of elderly depression and anxiety in the Kings College London study, but consistent with the various recent studies of NIH, higher intake of Omega-3 reduces the anxiety symptoms for the younger population.

    In conclusion, Nutri-Med Logic Corp ( agrees with the study published by The Kings College London but adds that higher levels of Omega-6 can only denote deficiency of Omega-3 in the diet. Nutri-Med Logic Corp, also, adds, that higher intake of Omega-3 not only would reduce the higher levels of Omega-6, beneficial for the elderly with Depression and Anxiety, but also beneficial for the young suffering from Anxiety Disorder due to stress.

    Nutri-Med Logic Corp is a producer of dietary supplements, including a Concentrated and Balanced Omega-3 as well as an Ideal Anti-oxidant.

    Nutri-Med Logic’s products are Formulated Based on Nutritional Logic, made from the highest quality raw materials that are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities, encapsulated in pharmaceutical facilities and packaged in pharmaceutical facilities.

    It must be noted that the studies, sources or statements, above and below, have not been evaluated by The FDA and, thus, one should not relate the cause of any diseases, stated herein, to lack of Omega-3 dietary supplementation; nor equate its supplementation to prevention, treatment or cure.


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      Five Reasons to Supplement your Beauty Routine Presented by Beauty Research (amazon) (shopzilla)

      Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

      Skin care products are designed to help women overcome dermatological concerns, but topical products can only do so much to improve the texture and tone of a woman’s complexion. Many women are disheartened to find that after initial success with a product, progress diminishes, and it becomes seemingly impossible to further address skin care concerns. For such women, adding skin care supplements can provide the nutritional support necessary for the body to produce results again. The latest article by, Five Reasons to Supplement your Beauty Routine, discusses what types of skin care issues can be addressed with dietary supplements.

      Minimizing signs of aging can be difficult, as the forces that cause the skin to age are constantly at work on the complexion. The right skin care supplements can help reduce the harmful effects of the elements in the environment that contribute to aging, making it possible for topical formulas to better deliver results. What types of nutrients are best for defending the skin against environmental damage? How do anti-aging supplements work? What should a woman look for when comparing anti-aging skin care supplements? To find out, visit or click:

      Healthy skin has a noticeable glow that simply can’t be faked with cosmetics. Environmental impurities can rob the complexion of that radiance and leave it looking dull and drab. Are there nutrients that help to promote skin radiance? If so, what types of supplements contain them? Is there a particular formula that women concerned about skin dullness should consider? To find out, visit or click:

      Acne is the most common dermatological problem in the United States and can strike women of all ages. Many women find that treating acne without causing skin dryness and irritation is incredibly difficult. How can supplements help to reduce the frequency of breakouts? Are there any skin care supplements that are truly proven to help fight acne? Can supplements be used for treating clogged and enlarged pores? To find out, visit or click:

      Skin dehydration is an ongoing struggle for many women, and ordinary moisturizers are not always completely effective at restoring the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Does supplementation have any effect on the complexion’s moisture content, and if so, how? What types of supplements are best for women with chronically dry skin? To find out, visit or click:

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      “Cosmetic Must-Haves Primers and BB Creams”

      Beauty trends often come and go, but occasionally new innovations are released on the market that are so effective that they become new must-haves for women. Primers and BB creams are two such products and can help women get better results from their cosmetics and even help to diminish existing skin imperfections. Learn what primers and BB creams do for the complexion. Get tips on how to use primers and BB creams to get the best possible results. Learn what brands offer the best primers and BB creams for women who are concerned about signs of aging and other common dermatological problems.

      “Alyssa Milano From Child Star to Wen Spokeswoman”

      The lives of child stars are often stories of tragedy, as addiction and other mental health issues all too often seem to strike those who become famous as children. Alyssa Milano is a rare exception–a childhood star who has continued to have a successful career and serve as a positive role model for younger women into adulthood. Reminisce about some of Milano’s most notable roles. Discover facts about the actress of which many people are unaware. Find out about her charity work, her role as a Wen spokeswoman and her newest television project.

      “Skinny Grilling Healthy, Lower Calorie BBQ”

      Lasting weight loss requires a lifestyle change, not a diet. Women who find ways to enjoy foods that they have always loved in a healthier way are those mostly likely to successfully shed pounds and keep them off over the long term. Grilling at a summer barbecue doesn’t have to be a fattening affair with the right planning. Find out how to make grilling easier on the waistline without sacrificing flavor. Discover what types of meats are the least caloric. Get recommendations of what to serve with grilled fare to create a healthy, balanced meal that everyone will love.

      About Beauty Research

      Beauty Research is a beauty blogging web site started by two experienced skin care enthusiasts wishing to share tips and suggestions. The blog includes all kinds of articles related to celebrities, fashion, womens health and diet. For more information, visit

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        Prostate Research Labs (Prost-P10x) Announces Pollen Extract and Quercetin Now Part of Diagnostic Protocol for Urologists to Support Prostate Health (amazon) (shopzilla)

        Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 09, 2011

        Prostate Research Labs, the formulator and distributor of Prost-P10x

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          Flawed Research Used to Discredit Vitamin Use (amazon) (shopzilla)

          San Rafael, Ca (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

          Published in the October edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine, this research was called the Iowa Woman’s Health Study consisting of a questionnaire review of post-menopausal women living in Iowa. The idea was to see if taking vitamin supplements reduced mortality rates in older women.

          This study supposedly shows that taking vitamin supplements actually shortens ones lifespan, said Dr. ShamesDon’t believe it. This is a flawed study.

          Dr. Shames continued, Unfortunately, the mainstream media has seized upon some of the studys erroneous conclusions in a manner best described as yellow journalism.

          When asked what the flaws were in the study, Dr. Shames indicated the study showed that taking vitamins C, D, E, and calcium, alone or in combination, was moderately associated with longer survival. Other nutrients, like strong doses of iron and vitamin A, however, had a major detrimental effect. So the study authors combined all of these effects to get a meaningless average of a mild detrimental effect of taking vitamins in general.

          Another flaw was how the researchers controlled for specific factors like weight, diet, disease, smoking other factors. For instance, a sizable percentage of the study group were on hormones (including the hazardous non bio-identical combo of Premarin and Provera). Likely the health conscious hormone-taking women were more likely to be also taking vitamins. The study lumped them all together.

          Dr. Shames maintains that one of the biggest flaws in the study is the doubtful validity of self-reported questionnaires, without verification controls. According to him, the more reliable WHI Study (Women/s Health Initiative) used good validation techniques. This present study did not. In addition, Dr. Shames continued, this study did not take into account the quality or the source of the vitamins mentioned. The actual benefit of vitamins has long been known to be reduced by the adverse effects of additives, and by-products found in cheaper brands. What type of vitamins do you suppose most of the elderly ladies of Iowa were taking?

          It was already quite clear before this study that older women should not be taking iron; or that no one should be taking high doses of vitamin A. To now utilize that older news to discourage sensible taking of beneficial vitamins is a big mistake.

          Todays consumers are confronted with so-called scientific reports that question the value of some dietary supplements, said Dr. Shames. “In my view, many of these reports seem purposely deceptive, with the intent of falsifying the true conclusions of the overwhelming number of studies that confirm the benefits of taking vitamins. In this case, the economic beneficiaries will be pharmaceutical companies who can expect increased sales of prescription drugs to those who fall for the latest media hype. As has been the case of previous studies conducted by mainstream doctors, the potencies of the nutrients evaluated in this negative report are far different than what knowledgeable health conscious consumers take on a daily basis. So while the media was running headlines like Taking Vitamins May Shorten Your Life, the report the headline was based on omitted most of the vitamin studies that should have been included. This obvious bias rendered the findings meaningless. Of 815 studies considered, only 67 were included for the meta-analysis.

          Dr. Shames continued, In todays Western world, a large percentage of the population fails to ingest optimal potencies of many essential nutrients. As you will read in part two of this report, a shocking majority (93-96%) of people of people who dont supplement with vitamin E are deficient in vitamin E. This negative report attacking supplements is fatally flawed because it:


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            Global Compression Therapy Market to 2019: Worldwide Industry Latest Market Share, Strategy, Growth, Size, Trends And Forecast Research Report 2019 (amazon) (shopzilla)

            Albany, NY (PRWEB) August 26, 2013

            Compression Therapy Market to 2019 Growth due to Increased Awareness in Venous Disease Management Offset by Reimbursement Issues looks at the market, competitive landscape, and trends for the two compression therapy market segments: static compression therapy and dynamic compression therapy. It provides comprehensive information on the key trends affecting these segments, and key analytical content on the market dynamics. The report also reviews the competitive landscape, analyzes each segments pipeline products and gives details of important M&A deals. It is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Researchs team of industry experts.

            To check out the complete table of contents, visit:


            Key geographies: the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Australia and Brazil

            Information on market size for the two compression therapy market segments: static compression therapy and dynamic compression therapy.

            Annualized market revenue data forecast to 2019 and company share data for 2011

            Qualitative analysis of key trends in the compression therapy market

            Information on reimbursement trends and market access for key countries

            Reasons to Buy

            Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments driving the global compression therapy market

            Design and enhance your product development, marketing, and sales strategies

            Exploit M&A opportunities by identifying the market players with the most innovative pipelines

            Develop market-entry and market-expansion strategies

            Identify the key players best positioned to take advantage of the emerging market opportunities

            Exploit in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities by identifying the products most likely to ensure a robust return

            Identify, understand and capitalize on the next big thing in the compression therapy market landscape

            Make more informed business decisions from insightful and in-depth analysis of the global compression therapy market and the factors shaping it

            Get Deep Information About This Report :

            Table of Content

            1 Table of Contents 2

            1.1 List of Tables 6

            1.2 List of Figures 8

            2 Executive Summary 10

            2.1 The Global Compression Therapy Market is Forecast to Reach $ 3.4 Billion by 2019 10

            2.2 The US Remains the Largest Market for Compression Therapy 11

            2.3 High Incidence of Venous Diseases in the Elderly and Diabetic Populations is Expected to Drive the Market 11

            2.4 Increasing Awareness of the Benefits of Compression Therapy is Expected to Drive Future Growth 12

            3 Introduction 13

            3.1 GBI Research Guidance 13

            4 Global Compression Therapy Market: Device Overview 15

            4.1 Dynamic Compression Therapy 16

            4.1.1 Intermittent Pumps 16

            4.1.2 Segmental/sequential Pumps 16

            4.2 Static Compression Therapy 17

            4.2.1 Anti-embolism Stockings 17

            4.2.2 Compression Bandages 17

            4.2.3 Diabetic Shoes 19

            4.2.4 Ready-to-wear Legwear 19

            5 Global Compression Therapy Market: Market Characterization 21

            5.1 Global Compression Therapy Market, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 21

            5.2 Global Compression Therapy Market, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 22

            5.3 Global Compression Therapy Market, Key Company Shares (%), 2012 23

            5.4 Global Compression Therapy Market: Key Trends 24

            5.4.1 New Dressings in the Market Focus on Addressing Challenges in Bandage Application and Reducing Infection Rates 24

            5.4.2 Compression Therapy is Available on a Rental Basis to Improve Affordability 25

            5.4.3 Better Access to Compression Therapy Could Significantly Reduce the Healthcare Burden for Payors Worldwide 25

            5.5 Global Compression Therapy Market: Market Dynamics 26

            5.5.1 Market Drivers 26

   High Incidence of Venous Diseases in the Growing Elderly and Diabetic Populations to Increase the Use of Compression Therapy Products 26

   Increasing Awareness of Complications Associated with Venous Diseases and Benefits of Compression Therapy to Drive Future Growth 27

   Benefits of Dynamic Compression Therapy in the Management of Lymphedema and Amputations will Drive Adoption 29

   Cost-effectiveness of Compression Therapy for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis to Drive Growth 30

   Use of Dynamic Compression Therapy in Management of Sports Injuries and as a Preventive Tool for DVT to Fuel Demand 31

            5.5.2 Market Restraints 31

   Inadequate Reimbursement for Compression Therapy in the US and Europe is Expected to Restrict the Market Growth 32

   Drawbacks and Patient Discomfort Associated with Compression Therapy Products are Major Restraints for Future Growth 33

            Browse all reports of this category visit –

            6 Global Compression Therapy Market: Segment Analysis and Forecasts 35

            6.1 Static Compression Therapy Market, Global, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 35

            6.2 Static Compression Therapy Market, Global, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 36

            6.3 Dynamic Compression Therapy Market, Global, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 37

            6.4 Dynamic Compression Therapy Market, Global, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 38

            7 Global Compression Therapy Market: Country Analysis and Forecasts 40

            7.1 Compression Therapy Market: Cross-country Analysis 40

            7.2 Historic and Forecast Revenue, By Country 41

            7.2.1 Compression Therapy Market, US, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 41

            7.2.2 Compression Therapy Market, US, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 42

            7.2.3 Compression Therapy Market, France, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 43

            7.2.4 Compression Therapy Market, France, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 45

            7.2.5 Compression Therapy Market, Germany, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 45

            7.2.6 Compression Therapy Market, Germany, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 46

            7.2.7 Compression Therapy Market, Japan, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 47

            7.2.8 Compression Therapy Market, Japan, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 49

            7.2.9 Compression Therapy Market, UK, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 50

            7.2.10 Compression Therapy Market, UK, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 51

            7.2.11 Compression Therapy Market, Italy, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 52

            7.2.12 Compression Therapy Market, Italy, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 53

            7.2.13 Compression Therapy Market, China, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 54

            7.2.14 Compression Therapy Market, China, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 55

            7.2.15 Compression Therapy Market, Spain, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 56

            7.2.16 Compression Therapy Market, Spain, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 57

            7.2.17 Compression Therapy Market, Canada, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 58

            7.2.18 Compression Therapy Market, Canada, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 59

            7.2.19 Compression Therapy Market, Brazil, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 60

            7.2.20 Compression Therapy Market, Brazil, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 61

            7.2.21 Compression Therapy Market, India, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 62

            7.2.22 Compression Therapy Market, India, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 64

            7.2.23 Compression Therapy Market, Australia, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 65

            7.2.24 Compression Therapy Market, A

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              Liberty Health Network Shares New National Cancer Institute Research On Garlic’s Role In Combating Cancer And Other Maladies To Promote AlliSTAR Garlic Supplement (amazon) (shopzilla)

              Tam pa, FL (PRWEB) February 08, 2012

              An apple a day may keep the doctor away. But, Garlic, and Garlic Supplements may be the real ticket to wellness according to Liberty Health Network, LLC (LHN). The company points to research on the National Cancer Institutes web site.

              When asked if Garlic actually had a role in disease prevention, the National Cancer Institute ( Internet Web Site Reported:

              Several population studies show an association between increased intake of garlic and reduced risk of certain cancers, including cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas, and breast. Population studies are multidisciplinary studies of population groups that investigate the cause, incidence, or spread of a disease or examine the effect of health-related interventions, dietary and nutritional intakes, or environmental exposures. An analysis of data from seven population studies showed that the higher the amount of raw and cooked garlic consumed, the lower the risk of stomach and colorectal cancer.

              The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) is an ongoing multinational study involving men and women from 10 different countries. This study is investigating the effects of nutrition on cancer. In the study, higher intakes of onion and garlic were associated with a reduced risk of intestinal cancer.

              The Iowa Womens Study is a large prospective study investigating whether diet, distribution of body fat, and other risk factors are related to cancer incidence in older women. Findings from the study showed a strong association between garlic consumption and colon cancer risk. Women who consumed the highest amounts of garlic had a 50 percent lower risk of cancer of the distal colon compared with women who had the lowest level of garlic consumption.

              Several population studies conducted in China centered on garlic consumption and cancer risk. In one study, investigators found that frequent consumption of garlic and various types of onions and chives was associated with reduced risk of esophageal and stomach cancers, with greater risk reductions seen for higher levels of consumption (8). Similarly, in another study, the consumption of allium vegetables, especially garlic and onions, was linked to a reduced risk of stomach cancer. In a third study, greater intake of allium vegetables (more than 10 g per day vs. less than 2.2 g per day), particularly garlic and scallions, was associated with an approximately 50 percent reduction in prostate cancer risk.

              Evidence also suggests that increased garlic consumption may reduce pancreatic cancer risk. A study conducted in the San Francisco Bay area found that pancreatic cancer risk was 54 percent lower in people who ate larger amounts of garlic compared with those who ate lower amounts.

              In addition, a study in France found that increased garlic consumption was associated with a statistically significant reduction in breast cancer risk. After considering total calorie intake and other established risk factors, breast cancer risk was reduced in those consuming greater amounts of fiber, garlic, and onions.

              With documentation from credible sources like the National Cancer Institute touting the benefits of Garlic, It’s no wonder LHN’s Mortechem-Free AlliSTAR is the company’s number one selling nutritional supplement.

              About Liberty Health Network , LLC.

              Liberty Health Network is one of the nations leading Direct and Internet Marketing companies with a state-of-the-art Global Distribution facility in Tampa Bay, Fl. For 12 Years, the Liberty Health Network name has been synonymous with high quality Mortechem-Free Nutritional Supplements, Anti Aging Skin Care, and Internet Web Applications. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

              Businesses or Individuals interested in distributing Liberty Products or requiring more information on this topic should contact Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly at (813) 774-8191 or e-mail at office(at)libertyhealthbiz(dot)com.


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                Global Cosmeceuticals Products Market (Topical, Injectable) 2017 Forecasts in a Research Report Available at (amazon) (shopzilla)

                Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

                This report covers recent developments in the global market for cosmeceuticals. A detailed list of commonly used natural and synthetic ingredients provides a background for the presentation of the topical and injectable cosmeceutical products currently available and those that are likely to be introduced in the near future. The study focuses on cosmeceutical products that promise anti aging and overall appearance-enhancing benefits for adults 18 years and over.

                At the date of this report, there is no official classification for cosmeceuticals in most countries. These products are essentially a subset of the cosmetics (skin care) segment of the beauty and personal care industry. The structure of the industry, including distinctive regional differences in R&D, marketing and government regulatory requirements are discussed.

                Details of recent sales, market drivers and drawbacks, technological advances and patents inform the projections of global and regional sales of cosmeceuticals through 2017. For the purpose of this report, the regional markets are classified as Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the rest of the world (ROW). Profiles of major manufacturers of cosmeceuticals are presented in the report.

                Company Profiles included in this report ( are major manufacturers of cosmeceuticals, allergan, inc., avon products, inc. , basf se, company, beiersdorf ag, elizabeth arden, inc. , estee lauder companies, inc., johnson & johnson, kao corporation, kose corporation, l’oreal sa, l’oreal paris usa, medicis pharmaceutical corporation, merck & company, physicians formula holdings, inc., procter & gamble, revlon worldwide corp, royal dsm nv, shiseido co., ltd, unilever plc, unilever usa, inc., ahava, ahava north america, clarins usa, dermalogica, garnier, jane iredale (a.k.a. iredale mineral cosmetics), obagi medical products, inc., origins, pca skin (a.k.a. physician care alliance, llc), skinceuticals and strivectin.

                Study Goals and Objectives

                This study is conducted to present a comprehensive view of the recent trends in the global cosmeceutical industry and to develop market projections through 2017. One goal was to identify global demand patterns, regional distinctions and key factors that shaped recent historical market size and shares. Another goal was to explore future developments, challenges and opportunities in the highly dynamic and competitive cosmeceutical industry. The study documents the importance of product innovation and differentiation, agile market strategies, nuanced government regulatory oversight and fluid consumer expectations in the global cosmeceutical industry.

                Request a Sample of this report @ Alternatively place a direct purchase order @

                Reasons for Doing

                As one of the fastest-growing segments of the global toilet preparation and cosmetic industry, it is important for stakeholders to have a reliable information framework to manage business decisions. While there is a lot that is confusing in the current state of the industry, there is ample evidence that many people see strong activity over the foreseeable future, fueled by exceptional consumer demand. The scientific community has more than a casual interest in cosmeceuticals because the secret is out that companies that want to keep up with evolving industry trends need to have superior scientific backup. Premium products that dominate the market are often the outcome of years of extensive research, proprietary technologies, testing and documentation. Even a cursory look at the product labels shows the role of science in the choice of ingredients and formulary. Increasingly, the mass market is benefiting from the sophistication of the prestige segment, creating a blurring of the lines in some product categories. This report covers the key issues that stakeholders need to acquire and maintain beneficial competitive advantage.

                Methodology and Information Sources

                This report is the result of extensive research of primary and secondary information sources. BCC surveyed relevant databases from the U.S. and foreign governments as well as international organizations. Information from highly acclaimed industry publications and databanks maintained by the financial/investment community is used for validating the qualitative and quantitative analytical framework used to develop the findings presented in this report. Communications with various industry experts provide supplemental information on various aspects of the study.

                Check out more reports on Cosmeceuticals Market:

                Cosmeceuticals Market to 2018 – Technological Advances and Consumer Awareness Boost Commercial Potential for Innovative and Premium-Priced Products @

                Cosmeceuticals in the U.S, 6th Edition @

                US Cosmeceuticals Market to 2015 @

                About Us:

       is an online market research reports ( library of 350,000+ in-depth studies of over 5000 micro markets. We provide 24/7 online and offline support service to our customers.

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                  Bel Marra Health Reports on Recent Research Revealing Prolonged Life Using Bile (amazon) (shopzilla)

                  Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

                  Bel Marra Health, who offers high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements, reports on a recent study revealing a slowed aging process with bile.

                  As Bel Marra Health reports in its article, ( humans have constantly been searching for a way to increase longevity and our quality of life. As science and technology becomes more advanced, scientists are beginning to discover new ways for people achieve better health and live longer. A recent study conducted by Vladimir Titorenko, Research Chair in Genomics at Concordia University, has found an unexpected substance that may increase human lifespan bile.

                  Vladimir Titorenko and his team tested over 19,000 different small molecules to determine if they were able to increase the average lifespan of yeast. During the study they noted that LCA (Lithocholic Acid), an acid found in bile, had a drastic effect on the way that the yeast aged. This positive outcome showcased the potential for extending the longevity of a living organism.

                  Lithocholic acid, one of the main acids found in bile, exhibited many features that would suggest it was the main reason that the yeast was able to live longer. The LCA interacted with two different aspects of the yeast. The first interaction was automatic and it occurred regardless of the amount of calories found in the yeast. As for the second reaction, it showed calorie-restriction due to stressor proteins. With the combination of these two interactions, the aging process of the yeast drastically slowed.

                  The recent findings gave scientists a new insight into prolonged life. With the information gathered from the study, Titorenko has explained that the next step is to determine whether bile can affect other species. There has been past evidence of bile being beneficial to certain species, such as rodents. In mice, bile assists with pancreatic functions and liver functions. The mice that have bile have been known to experience good health and longevity. With that being said, further research needs to be conducted to prove the benefits of bile in humans.

                  With the characteristics showcased in the yeast study, scientists believe that the LCA found in bile can greatly assist with some of the most common diseases known to humans. Diabetes, metabolic issues, and obesity may have the opportunity to be treated with the assistance of LCA. Considering that LCA helps to slow down the aging process and all of the aforementioned health issues, this discovery could be quite advantageous for the majority of the population to live longer and in good health.

                  Every person in the world contemplates methods that they can use to help themselves live longer. Whether they are suffering from a difficult disease such as diabetes, or even if they are casually curious, the question still remains: what can be done to live a longer life? The recent finding from Titorenkos study puts the science community closer to answering that question. With the anti-aging effects experienced from LCA, people may soon be living longer, healthier lives.

                  (SOURCE: Alexander A. Goldberg, et al. Chemical genetic screen identifies lithocholic acid as an antiaging compound that extends yeast chronological life span in a TOR independent manner, by modulating housekeeping longevity assurance processes. Aging, 2010)

                  Bel Marra Health is the maker of Clinical Strength Ageless Complex, a high-quality nutritional supplement that helps fight against premature aging and inflammation and supports energy levels. All ingredients are backed with scientific evidence. Every product is tested for safety, quality, and purity at every stage of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, Bel Marra Health products are produced only in Health Canada approved facilities, going the extra mile to ensure that our health-conscious customers are getting top quality products. For more information on Bel Marra Health visit or call 1-866-531-0466.

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                    Bel Marra Health Reports on Recent Research: Dietary Intake of Calcium Should Be Reviewed Again After Discussions of Heightened Heart Attack Risk. (amazon) (shopzilla)

                    Toronto, ON (PRWEB) January 18, 2013

                    Bel Marra Health, who offers high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements, is reporting on recent research that outlines how the dietary intake of calcium should be reviewed again due to the potential of side effects.

                    As Bel Marra Health reports in its article (, while calcium supplements are commonly prescribed to post-menopausal women at risk of osteoporosis, possible side effects do exist when taking this supplement.

                    As the Bel Marra Health article reads, the role of calcium has been given much attention in the past few decades, resulting in the establishment of specific guidelines for its daily requirement. For instance, in the United States, the recommended calcium intake is 1,000 milligrams each day for younger adults, whereas in Europe, 800 mg per day is the suggested daily requirement for women within the age range of 50 to 65 years of age.

                    According to a recent medical report, the use of calcium supplements should be again reviewed because there is a possibility that its administration may result in calcium side effects. Based on the findings of the study published in Clinical Cases in Mineral and Bone Metabolism, calcium side effects may include a higher risk of heart attack, as well as an increased susceptibility for stroke or sudden death. These findings were summarized from 26 clinical trials involving adults who were taking 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day.

                    The medical report also described the findings of another study involving approximately 36,282 postmenopausal women who were taking 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D per day. In this study, a higher risk for heart attack was associated with the intake of calcium supplements in combination with vitamin D. To determine whether these calcium side effects were due to the use of two dietary supplements, the study examined the incidence of heart attack in a group that was given only vitamin D or calcium. Interestingly, the study showed that taking calcium by itself was associated with a higher risk of heart attack.

                    Spokesperson for Bel Marra Health Dr. Victor Marchione says, The findings of the medical report have emphasized the need to assess the use of calcium as a preventive measure against osteoporosis among the elderly. Although the use of calcium may lower the risk of hip fractures and other bone injuries among older adults, it is also important to consider other calcium side effects that may also develop at a later time.

                    The report also pointed out that the use of calcium is now widespread across the world and this is simply based on earlier knowledge that this mineral helps in strengthening bones and teeth. However, there is also a need to examine its interactions with other components of the body, including the activities of specific tissues and cells. The report thus presented the question of whether changes in dietary patterns are sufficient in improving the amount of calcium that enters the body.

                    The findings of this recent medical report have expressed the need to do further research on the benefits and risks of taking calcium pills on a daily basis.

                    (SOURCE: Nuti R. Calcium supplementation and risk of cardiovascular disease. Clin Cases Miner Bone Metab. 2012 Sep;9(3):133-4. Epub 2012 Dec 20)

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