Whey Protein: Richest Source of Biologically Active Protein, Says Rockwell Nutrition (amazon) (shopzilla)

(PRWEB) July 12, 2012

Compared to other types of protein, whey protein has the most health benefits, according to Rockwell Nutrition. Animal studies reviewed by Rockwell Nutrition show that whey protein can help increase longevity. It also helps enhance glutathione concentrations in the heart and the liver. (Glutathione is an anti-oxidant that helps fight diseases associated with aging.)

Whey protein is also rich in cysteine and leucine amino acids that help detoxify the body from mercury and other toxic metals.

Better Than Soy

According to Rockwell Nutrition, whey protein is nature’s richest source of biologically active protein. The health supplement website explains that soy contains low amounts of the amino acid methionine while whey contains all the amino acids the body needs in the best balance yet discovered in any food.

Paleomeal and Paleobar

Rockwell Nutrition retails Paleomeal Organic Whey Protein Powder as well as Paleobar Whey Protein Bars that both contain whey protein concentrate.

Rockwell Nutrition explains how whey concentrate is used by the body:

The bioactivity occurs through the ability of the protein concentrate to help replenish glutathione levels via continuous dietary provision of glutathione precursors, especially cysteine, during lymphocyte proliferation, thus supporting an optimal immune response. This process seems to not only increase intercellular levels of glutathione and precursors at the time of ingestion, but also builds up stores of these substances within the cells which lasts for a substantial post-ingestion time interval.


Rockwell Nutrition is dedicated to providing access to and information about the highest-quality supplements in the industry. We review thousands of products every year and offer only the cream of the crop. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who manufacture products that contain nutrients that are biochemically unavailable or are filled with toxins and allergens. Rockwell helps you separate bogus supplements from those that are scientifically and clinically proven to work, and provides recommendation on only the best of the best.

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