20 Baby Tooth Care Tips Presented by Austin and Round Rock Dentists (amazon) (shopzilla)

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

Contrary to what some parents may believe, the primary teeth of a child (often referred to as baby teeth) are just as significant as the permanent teeth they will develop in their later adolescent years. For most babies, primary teeth begin to erupt through the gum line when children are between the ages of six months and one year. These teeth are fundamental in a childs developmental process, helping them learn to chew and talk. They also maintain the jaw space for the growing permanent teeth beneath the gums.

In order to ensure proper care of childrens primary teeth and their overall oral health, Dr. Chad Denman, an Austin dentist / Round Rock dentist and owner of Family Tree Dental Group, has put together a list of tips for parents:


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    Little Rock Arkansas Venture Capitalist Adam Green Announces MXI Corp Team Elite Online Trade Show for George Town Malaysia Selangor Xocai Skin Care Consumers on July 30 (amazon) (shopzilla)

    (PRWEB) July 28, 2013

    Adam Paul Green is a Little Rock Arkansas venture capitalist, who today, announced that the MXI Corp Team Elite online trade show; for the George Town Malaysia Selangor Xocai Skin Care consumers, will be held on July 30, 2013.

    New call number: 888-998-7766

    New webinar login site: http://xocaimeeting.bojabie.com/


    Those who can make it there will receive the details on the science behind our new cr

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      Marilyn Diamond and Dr. Rock Introduce Young for Life, a Revolutionary New Health and Fitness Book and Television Special (amazon) (shopzilla)

      New York, NY (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

      Health pioneer and co-author of the bestselling diet and health book, Fit for Life, Marilyn Diamond is back with an anti-aging breakthrough Young for Life: The No-Diet, No-Sweat Plan to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger (Rodale, April 2013).

      Diamond, with husband and co-author Dr. Rock, an anti-aging motivational expert in the mind-body-spirit lifestyle, shares the breakthrough principles from their book on the upcoming television special Young for Life, premiering on Public Television and PBS member stations across America during the August 2013 pledge drive. Check local station listings for date and time.

      Young for Life makes the powerful case that at every moment, we are either building ourselves up or tearing ourselves down and we can choose to build ourselves up to enjoy lifelong vitality and youthfulness through two key life-changing practices:

      Nutrition for cellular youth: The unknown vital nutrients from foods and 5 key supplements that create genetic regeneration.

      Convenience exercise: Six-second techniques of inconspicuous muscle contractions for the entire body that can be done anytime and anywhere to help increase strength 100% in only 20 weeks of 2 minute daily practice.

      There are two underlying causes of premature aging and disease that Diamond and Dr. Rock identify: Nutrient Deficiency Disorder (NDD) and Sedentary Death Syndrome (SeDS). The Young for Life authors transformed their own health through a simple lifestyle overhaul that most people over 40 will find easy and intuitive to help promote lasting anti-aging results.

      The nutrient deficiencies of today are the diseases of tomorrow, Diamond explains. We are reaching a pivotal moment when science is proving that anti-aging is within our control at every meal. We choose happiness over depression, muscle tone over fat, mental clarity over deterioration at every meal we eat.

      Discover how the foods you may think are bad for you are actually the best for you, and how no-sweat exercises are preferable to over-exercising for staying young in the upcoming Public Television special Young for Life. Two products supporting the Young for Life 3-step program will be introduced: Young for Life: Grow Stronger, a fitness DVD featuring easy exercises, and Young for Life: Rejuvenate Your Life, a relaxation audio CD by Dr. Rock.

      To accompany the book, available at Amazon.com, youngforlife.com is a resource for continuous cutting-edge information, recipes and tips, where those who wish to be young for life can stay current and motivated. Young for Life television special has been underwritten by Nerium International, makers of NeirumAD Age-Defying Treatment, online at Nerium.com.

      About the Authors

      Marilyn Diamond is living proof that you can be nearly 70 years old and look decades younger. She has authored or co-authored six books on diet and health, including Fit for Life, the 4th bestselling book of the 1980s, which has sold over 15 million copies internationally.

      Dr. Rock (Dr. Donald Schnell), author of The Initiation, co-authored Fitonics for Life (Avon Books). He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist lifelong researcher, lecturer and master trainer in the use of diet, exercise and the force behind will power as key resources for turning back the clock.

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