HorizonHealthShop.com Has Announced Complimentary Shipping on All Orders Via LAD Solutions (amazon) (shopzilla)

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) July 21, 2013

HorizonHealthShop.com has announced that they are running a special promotion to offer complimentary shipping to all customers for all nutritional supplements online. The company has partnered with LAD Solutions in order to get the word out about the promotion and get more customers to place orders.

The HorizonHealthShop.com promotion for complimentary shipping covers everything in their store. The company sells a variety of health products including transformation enzyme vitamins and homeopathic remedies for a variety of ailments. The company aims to treat most medical issues by using natural remedies and this includes recommended supplements for everything from bone and joint issues, to anti-aging products as well as natural supplements that can aid in the treatment of serious diseases such as diabetes.

HorizonHealthShop.com has opened the promotion this July in order to get the word out about the site. The company is relatively new to the online shopping world in the area of natural health supplements but they are trying to become a one stop shop so that customers can buy all of the natural items that they need in one place. The products are all professional grade and they even include items like natural foods.

The company says that they also hand pick items and their products are often recommended by health care practitioners. Therefore customers can use products from HorizonHealthShop.com in combination with traditional medicines and other treatments as prescribed by a medical professional.

HorizonHealthShop.com has not specified how long the promotion will last so they have been encouraging customers to get to their website or give them a call immediately to place an order. There are also no restrictions on shipping for volume order either so customers that like to buy in bulk can place a large order for items from their store and still receive the complimentary shipping promotion.

Another feature of the website that the company is offering for no extra charge, is the ability to speak with a company representative to have products hand selected for that customer. The company representative can speak with the customer about his or her health concerns and then have products recommended.

The company has not yet specified the volume of orders that have been placed since the promotions started but are encouraging customers to call if they have questions about whether or not a particular item is in stock.

About Horizon Health Shop: HorizonHealthShop.com is a supplier of natural supplements for a variety of ailments. The company specializes in providing natural foods, botanical and homeopathic supplements and more. The company also prides itself in hand selecting items to sell on their site as well as providing personalized advice to customers seeking to find the right natural products for their needs. To learn more about the products sold by this company, visit their website at HorizonHealthShop.com.

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    For a long time, acai fruit has been used for its detoxifying characteristics. Thereby this fruit got the attention of top researchers and health enthusiasts. After conducting extensive research, many news reports have also revealed the health secrets of this little fruit.

    The best thing about this extract is that people can achieve extra health advantages with just one supplement. The antioxidant effects of acai extract help prevent aging of the body and the skin by eliminating free radicals. Antioxidants, fibres, fatty acids and other plant compounds in acai extract can improve health and increase energy and help reduce weight. Enriched with fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, acai extracts is highly effective against cholesterol. These fatty acids omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 are scientifically proved to fight against cholesterol.

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