More Men and Women Looking Younger in April as Sales of Beau Visage Non Surgical Facelift Mask Soar 61% in April (amazon) (shopzilla)

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 01, 2012

“Look 5 or more years younger…Guaranteed” That is the bold statement Liberty Health Network, LLC (LHN) includes on much of the company’s marketing materials for their exclusive Beau Visage Non Surgical Face Lift Mask System. Company executives claim the guarantee is a large contributing factor in the massive sales increases of the product line.

“Quite frankly, I did not support the guarantee early on,” says LHN Chief Financial Officer Tracy Grevert. “I was especially concerned when we started offering the guarantee on Amazon. My concerns were unfounded however. After record sales, and huge increases of sales on Amazon, I can count on one hand the number of customers who were not delighted by our products!” Grevert said enthusiastically.

“If it makes sense… If people can afford it… any product will sell. Our Beau Visage Product Lines does all of that, and some. Looking younger is a no-brainer for almost anyone over 40 or 50 [years of age]. But when you can get a guarantee that you can look younger for just a few dollars per application, and have as a marketing partner backing your guarantees, magic happens. And for LHN, that magic is manifested in concurrent and massive monthly sales growth figures,” said LHN Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly.

LHN reports that along with huge sales increases in all distribution channels including Affiliate Marketing, new Independent Marketing Associate recruiting is skyrocketing as well.

Consider Cindi Travis. Cindi purchased the Beau Visage Non Surgical Facelift products several times online before inquiring about the LHN Business Opportunity. After finding our about the various ways to make money selling a product she believed in, Cindi is now on her way to building her own anti aging business with the help of the LHN business tools provided upon enrollment.

“I see all of these people Hating capitalism and just don’t get it,” said Cindi. “Instead of joining an Occupy Wall Street event, why not just find a product you believe in and embrace Capitalism. The thought of building a business wrapped around a product and a company I believe in is so empowering. Thanks to the products and the company, I feel like I finally have a real shot at the American Dream. And when the massive success comes my way, I’ll look darn good too thanks to my facelift in a bottle!”

About Liberty Health Network, LLC

Liberty Health Network is one of the nations leading Direct and Internet Marketing companies with a state-of-the-art Global Distribution facility in Tampa Bay, Fl. For 12 Years, the Liberty Health Network name has been synonymous with high quality Mortechem-Free Nutritional Supplements, Anti Aging Skin Care, and Internet Web Applications. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

Businesses or Individuals interested in distributing Liberty Products or requiring more information on this topic should contact Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly at (813) 774-8191 or e-mail at office(at)libertyhealthbiz(dot)com.

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