Global Compression Therapy Market to 2019: Worldwide Industry Latest Market Share, Strategy, Growth, Size, Trends And Forecast Research Report 2019 (amazon) (shopzilla)

Albany, NY (PRWEB) August 26, 2013

Compression Therapy Market to 2019 Growth due to Increased Awareness in Venous Disease Management Offset by Reimbursement Issues looks at the market, competitive landscape, and trends for the two compression therapy market segments: static compression therapy and dynamic compression therapy. It provides comprehensive information on the key trends affecting these segments, and key analytical content on the market dynamics. The report also reviews the competitive landscape, analyzes each segments pipeline products and gives details of important M&A deals. It is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Researchs team of industry experts.

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Key geographies: the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Australia and Brazil

Information on market size for the two compression therapy market segments: static compression therapy and dynamic compression therapy.

Annualized market revenue data forecast to 2019 and company share data for 2011

Qualitative analysis of key trends in the compression therapy market

Information on reimbursement trends and market access for key countries

Reasons to Buy

Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments driving the global compression therapy market

Design and enhance your product development, marketing, and sales strategies

Exploit M&A opportunities by identifying the market players with the most innovative pipelines

Develop market-entry and market-expansion strategies

Identify the key players best positioned to take advantage of the emerging market opportunities

Exploit in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities by identifying the products most likely to ensure a robust return

Identify, understand and capitalize on the next big thing in the compression therapy market landscape

Make more informed business decisions from insightful and in-depth analysis of the global compression therapy market and the factors shaping it

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Table of Content

1 Table of Contents 2

1.1 List of Tables 6

1.2 List of Figures 8

2 Executive Summary 10

2.1 The Global Compression Therapy Market is Forecast to Reach $ 3.4 Billion by 2019 10

2.2 The US Remains the Largest Market for Compression Therapy 11

2.3 High Incidence of Venous Diseases in the Elderly and Diabetic Populations is Expected to Drive the Market 11

2.4 Increasing Awareness of the Benefits of Compression Therapy is Expected to Drive Future Growth 12

3 Introduction 13

3.1 GBI Research Guidance 13

4 Global Compression Therapy Market: Device Overview 15

4.1 Dynamic Compression Therapy 16

4.1.1 Intermittent Pumps 16

4.1.2 Segmental/sequential Pumps 16

4.2 Static Compression Therapy 17

4.2.1 Anti-embolism Stockings 17

4.2.2 Compression Bandages 17

4.2.3 Diabetic Shoes 19

4.2.4 Ready-to-wear Legwear 19

5 Global Compression Therapy Market: Market Characterization 21

5.1 Global Compression Therapy Market, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 21

5.2 Global Compression Therapy Market, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 22

5.3 Global Compression Therapy Market, Key Company Shares (%), 2012 23

5.4 Global Compression Therapy Market: Key Trends 24

5.4.1 New Dressings in the Market Focus on Addressing Challenges in Bandage Application and Reducing Infection Rates 24

5.4.2 Compression Therapy is Available on a Rental Basis to Improve Affordability 25

5.4.3 Better Access to Compression Therapy Could Significantly Reduce the Healthcare Burden for Payors Worldwide 25

5.5 Global Compression Therapy Market: Market Dynamics 26

5.5.1 Market Drivers 26 High Incidence of Venous Diseases in the Growing Elderly and Diabetic Populations to Increase the Use of Compression Therapy Products 26 Increasing Awareness of Complications Associated with Venous Diseases and Benefits of Compression Therapy to Drive Future Growth 27 Benefits of Dynamic Compression Therapy in the Management of Lymphedema and Amputations will Drive Adoption 29 Cost-effectiveness of Compression Therapy for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis to Drive Growth 30 Use of Dynamic Compression Therapy in Management of Sports Injuries and as a Preventive Tool for DVT to Fuel Demand 31

5.5.2 Market Restraints 31 Inadequate Reimbursement for Compression Therapy in the US and Europe is Expected to Restrict the Market Growth 32 Drawbacks and Patient Discomfort Associated with Compression Therapy Products are Major Restraints for Future Growth 33

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6 Global Compression Therapy Market: Segment Analysis and Forecasts 35

6.1 Static Compression Therapy Market, Global, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 35

6.2 Static Compression Therapy Market, Global, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 36

6.3 Dynamic Compression Therapy Market, Global, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 37

6.4 Dynamic Compression Therapy Market, Global, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 38

7 Global Compression Therapy Market: Country Analysis and Forecasts 40

7.1 Compression Therapy Market: Cross-country Analysis 40

7.2 Historic and Forecast Revenue, By Country 41

7.2.1 Compression Therapy Market, US, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 41

7.2.2 Compression Therapy Market, US, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 42

7.2.3 Compression Therapy Market, France, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 43

7.2.4 Compression Therapy Market, France, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 45

7.2.5 Compression Therapy Market, Germany, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 45

7.2.6 Compression Therapy Market, Germany, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 46

7.2.7 Compression Therapy Market, Japan, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 47

7.2.8 Compression Therapy Market, Japan, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 49

7.2.9 Compression Therapy Market, UK, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 50

7.2.10 Compression Therapy Market, UK, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 51

7.2.11 Compression Therapy Market, Italy, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 52

7.2.12 Compression Therapy Market, Italy, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 53

7.2.13 Compression Therapy Market, China, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 54

7.2.14 Compression Therapy Market, China, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 55

7.2.15 Compression Therapy Market, Spain, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 56

7.2.16 Compression Therapy Market, Spain, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 57

7.2.17 Compression Therapy Market, Canada, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 58

7.2.18 Compression Therapy Market, Canada, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 59

7.2.19 Compression Therapy Market, Brazil, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 60

7.2.20 Compression Therapy Market, Brazil, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 61

7.2.21 Compression Therapy Market, India, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 62

7.2.22 Compression Therapy Market, India, Revenue ($ m), 20122019 64

7.2.23 Compression Therapy Market, Australia, Revenue ($ m), 20052012 65

7.2.24 Compression Therapy Market, A

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      About Liberty Health Network, LLC

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        As Bel Marra Health reports in its article (, about one third of adults in the United States suffer from high blood pressure. Blood pressure problems, including high blood pressure, often have no symptoms and individuals may go undiagnosed for years.

        And according to the medical report, elderly adults generally develop several medical conditions and thus treating hypertension alone without looking into the other diseases may not be a helpful anti-aging strategy for this subpopulation.

        The report has shown that elderly individuals may also present symptoms of dementia, diabetes, and kidney disease. It is thus possible that the elderly patient is already taking medications against any of these medical conditions and that adding an anti-hypertensive may result in harmful drug interactions within the body. Drug interactions may often produce side effects such as nausea and discomfort, which may decrease the quality of life of the elderly patient.

        As Bel Marra the article reports, the recent medical report emphasized the importance of assessing the entire condition of a patient before prescribing any medications for hypertension. This strategy ensures the patient that his or her chances to live longer would be higher because the potential of side effects from taking various drugs would be lower; the elderly patients quality of life and capacity to feel younger would also improve.

        It is also possible to use the anti-aging strategy of low-sodium diets for elderly individuals with hypertension. This lifestyle intervention minimizes the use of sodium or salt, which is strongly linked with elevated blood pressure.

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