Release their New Range of Anti Aging Supplements for Men (amazon) (shopzilla)

Houston, TX. (PRWEB) December 04, 2011 are about to release their new range of anti aging supplements for men. The new range of supplements will be available in the next month and potential buyers can check out reviews of the products right now.

Siobhan Mitchell, one of the product managers on the site said that we are extremely proud of our new range of anti aging supplements for men and we hope to generate a lot of excitement in the aging male population about the new range of products. Men who are concerned about aging will now be able to check out the site and the new range of products and really make a difference to the aging process that they are going through. We have spent along time looking for various different products that treat aging symptoms in men and we believe that we have put together what we consider to be the best list available today.

When it comes to anti aging supplements for men there is always quite a lively discussion going on the forum of the site and the main topic of conversation on the forums of for the past few days has been about this range of products. Some of the men on the forum have already tried some of the range of new products and others have just ordered and are waiting on delivery. There is no doubting the level of excitement though that is surrounding the news at the moment though.

For those men who are interested in the new anti aging supplements for men range but also want to find out more about how to live longer there is currently a report on the site on longevity that can be downloaded for free at

The site managers hope that this will add even more value to the readers experience.


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    Advanta Supplements Melatonin Back In Stock (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Des Moines, IA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

    After being out of stock due to overwhelming product demand, Melatonin by Advanta Supplements is back in stock and customers who have back ordered are now receiving their product.

    “The orders for our new melatonin have shattered all internal sales records and projections, said Steven Vegors, VP of customer service. Our all natural sleep aid is so popular because it is helping insomniacs get the rest they need.”

    Melatonin – which is often referred to as the hormone of darkness, regulates the sleep-wake cycle by causing drowsiness and by lowering the bodys temperature. Humans produce melatonin naturally, secreting it from the pineal gland primarily when light is absent. However, shift work, aging, and other factors can reduce its production, causing insomnia and the related health problems that result from a lack of rest.

    As a natural supplement, Melatonin offers other benefits in addition to aiding sleep. Because it easily crosses cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier, it is highly regarded as an effective antioxidant and anti-aging hormone.

    A recent customer of Melatonin by Advanta Supplements stated “I bought these for my husband and they work great. They kick in faster than other pills he’s tried and they last long enough to get him into a restful sleep. He doesn’t feel the “hangover” effect like with most other pills when he wakes up either. Definitely worth buying if you need help winding down at night”

    Adults seeking to end nighttime restlessness and hours of tossing and turning, who desire to wake up fully restored from full nights sleep, can visit Amazon and enjoy a 47% savings on a bottle of 50 tablets ($ 10.49 off the list price of $ 19.67). They can also take advantage of Advanta Supplements special: Buy 2 Get One Free at

    About Advanta Supplements

    Located in the heart of Iowa, Advanta Supplements partners with FDA-approved labs to develop, test, and manufacture a line of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements. All Advanta products are made in the U.S. and backed by a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

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      Global Herbal Supplements and Remedies Market to Reach US$107 Billion by 2017, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (amazon) (shopzilla)

      San Jose, CA (PRWEB) March 07, 2012

      Follow us on LinkedIn The global herbal supplements and remedies market exhibited robust growth over the decade, with little or apparently no significant decline on account of the recent economic recession. The factors that fueled growth in the market include widespread acceptance of functional foods, rise in consumer confidence to include herbs in preventive health and alternative medicine regimens, supplier innovations, and the much awaited release of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for dietary supplements by FDA. The global market, infact, exhibited steady growth during the crisis-ridden period of 2008-2009 and beyond. The importance of healthy diet and good lifestyle dominated the minds of consumers, which could not be dampened even by the financial meltdown witnessed in almost every sector worldwide. In fact, the recession has actually prompted increased preference for dietary supplements. Escalating prices, tighter budgets and high healthcare and lifestyle costs, have actually driven consumers towards the more economical, healthier and safer option of alternative medicine and dietary supplements, to get relief from physical and mental disorders.

      Presently, the market for herbal supplements varies by region based on factors such as consumer awareness, product availability, and forms of delivery, product acceptance, and regional regulations. In the US and Europe, herbal medicines represent a major share of the pharmaceutical market and are included in the regular medical practice. However, the market is highly regulated and extremely difficult to enter, as companies need to pass through rigorous tests before mass production. In countries such as France, Germany, UK and India, herbal supplements along with pharmaceuticals, are sold in drugstores.

      Europe is the largest region for herbal supplements and remedies, as stated by the new market research report on Herbal Supplements and Remedies, accounting for the largest share of the world market. Asia-Pacific and Japan make up the other important markets for herbal supplements on a global basis. In terms of growth rate, the Asia-Pacific market, led largely by China and India is set to pave the way with the highest CAGR of 10.5% through 2017. In terms of the product segments, Multi-Herbs dominates as the largest segment, capturing a significant share of the overall herbal supplements and remedies market worldwide. The segment is also forecast to race ahead of the other markets at the fastest compounded growth rate of 9.15% over the analysis period. Soy and Specialty Herbs are also expected to display strong growth potential in future.

      Women, particularly in the middle-aged bracket, form the major consumer group owing to rising health-consciousness, increased concern for diet, and enhanced attention towards preventive healthcare. Over the years, several manufacturers of herbal supplements have emerged with various alternative therapies to relieve women from widely seen problems such as menopause, insomnia and hot flashes. Baby boomers represent another major consumer group for herbal supplements and remedies.

      A major trend engulfing the marketplace is the rising demand for natural health and food supplements. Fish oils, herbal supplements and other natural offerings such as probiotic acidohiplus and detoxes are emerging as alternatives to conventional synthetic supplements. There is also a substantial increase in the sale of food supplements, despite the slow economy, as large numbers of consumers perceive food supplements as an anti-medicinal, low-cost alternative to lead a healthy life style. Food supplements including omega-3s, herbal extracts, multivitamins, probiotics, chondroitin and glucosamine experienced healthy growth rates despite the economic downturn. Another major trend observed in the market is a shift from single ingredient market to multiple ingredient-based medications for a particular condition. There is also an increased demand for herbal and botanical products in multi formula and combo packed format, as well as for chewable capsules and tablets.

      Key market participants profiled in the report include Arizona Natural Products, Arkopharma SA, Bio-Botanica Inc., Blackmores Ltd., Emami Ltd., Emerson Ecologics, LLC, Himalaya Drug Co., Imperial Ginseng Products Ltd., Indfrag Ltd., International Vitamin Corp. [IVC], Natrol Inc., Natures Answer, Nature’s Sunshine Products, NBTY Inc., Sundown Nutrition, Nutraceutical International Corp., Pharma Nord APS, Pharmaton Natural Health Products, Pharmavite

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        Lincoln Nebraska Businessman Adam Green Announces Xocai Team Elite Online Seminar for Ipoh Malaysia Perak MXI Corp Supplements Consumers on July 29 (amazon) (shopzilla)

        (PRWEB) July 27, 2013

        Adam Paul Green is a prosperous Lincoln Nebraska businessman. Adam announced today that the Xocai Team Elite online seminar for Ipoh Malaysia Perak MXI Corp Supplements consumers will be held on July 29, 2013.

        New call number: 888-998-7766

        New webinar login site:


        Those who can make it there will receive the details on the science behind our new cr

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          Columbus Ohio Business Builder Adam Green Announces MXI Corp Team Elite Online Seminar for Bade City Xocai Supplements Consumers on July 14 (amazon) (shopzilla)

          (PRWEB) July 12, 2013

          Adam Paul Green is a Columbia South Carolina executive who recently announced that he will headline the Xocai Team Elite online symposium meeting for all Pingtung City MXI Corp Sipping Cocoa consumers. This meeting is scheduled for July 13, 2013.

          New call number: 888-998-7766

          New webinar login site:

          Those who can make it there will receive the details on the science behind our new cr

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            Salem Oregon Founding Manager Adam Green Announces MXI Corp Team Elite Online Seminar for Perak Malaysia Negeri Sembilan Xocai Supplements Consumers on June 14 (amazon) (shopzilla)

            Perak, Malaysia (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

            Adam Green, a Salem Oregon founding manager for Xocai Healthy Chocolate is pleased to announce the MXI Corp Team Elite online seminar for the Perak Malaysia Negeri Sembilan Xocai supplements consumers will be held on June 14, 2013.


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              Increasing Demand for Dietary and Pharmaceutical Supplements Drives Global Market for Amino Acids, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (amazon) (shopzilla)

              San Jose, California (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

              Follow us on LinkedIn Amino Acids also known as building blocks of the human body are organic molecules, constituting the fundamental components of proteins. Over the last few years amino acids have gained widespread popularity as nutritional supplements for humans. Health foods and dietary supplement products are becoming the norm amongst a wide section of the worldwide population. Growing popularity of health foods is expected to add in a big way to the rising demand for amino acids. Increasing significance of active and healthier lifestyles is also driving the demand for amino acids from the preventive pharmaceuticals sector. As medical providers emphasize on nutrition, demand for amino acids would substantially rise. Increasing importance of artificial sweeteners, particularly from the weight-conscious populace, is expected to add to the rising demand for amino acids. Another emerging application area of amino acids is the cosmetics and sweeteners market. The increased usage of amino acids in formulations for anti-aging products, and moisturizers has opened up new opportunities for manufacturers.

              Global amino acids market is growing steadily with rising demand for amino acid enriched dietary supplements. One of the strongest areas of growth is sports nutrition followed by functional foods and food formulations. Synthesis applications, involving the production of fine chemicals from amino acids, are also rising steadily. Amino acids are gaining widespread popularity as ingredients in anti-aging and moisturizing product formulations, in the cosmetics market. Aging world population is driving the demand for amino acids for use in dietary and pharmaceutical supplements. Consumers drive to look young and maintain healthy lifestyle is propelling marketers to launch amino acid supplements such as anti-aging cosmeceuticals, and dietary supplements. Marketers are also focusing on the launch of artificial sweeteners for weight and appearance conscious people. On par with the trend, L-tryptophan, an amino acid type, is increasingly used in making liquid protein weight-loss products.

              Amongst all the amino acids, Lysine is expected to emerge as the fastest growing segment in the world market, due to its increased utilization in poultry and swine diets. Phenylalanine, glutamic acid, threonine, and tryptophan are the other major amino acids that are widely being used in various commercial end-use applications. Glutamic Acid also known as glutamate, represents the largest segment in the amino acids market. Found in several food ingredients, Glutamic acid is involved in providing humans with the sense of taste, particularly in combination with salt. Therefore, MSG, the sodium salt of glutamic acid, is extensively used for improving the flavor of food products.

              Asia-Pacific, backed by strong support from developing markets of China and India ranks as the global leader, both in terms of sheer size as well as growth potential, as stated by the recent market research report on Amino Acids. The region is stated to be the largest producer as well as consumer of amino acids worldwide, with extensive use of monosodium gluatamate (MSG) being the key contributor to the overall impressive growth in the region. Asia-Pacific is slated to advance over the years at a vibrant compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% through 2017. Heightened demand from Chinese animal feeds market is a major catalyst contributing significantly to the dominance of Asia in the global market.

              Major players profiled in the report include Ajinomoto Group, Archer Daniels Midland Company, CJ Cheil Jedang, Daesang Corporation, Evonik, Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group, Novus International Inc., Royal DSM N.V., Sekisui Medical Co. Ltd., and Toronto Research Chemicals Inc. Ajinomoto ranks among the leading manufacturers of amino acids through the fermentation process. The company accounted for substantial shares in the total global feed-grade lysine and monosodium glutamate (MSG) markets.

              The research report titled Amino Acids: A Global Strategic Business Report announced by Global Industry Analysts Inc., provides a comprehensive market overview, impact of recession, current market trends, key growth drivers, recent industry activity, and profiles of major/niche global market participants. The report provides annual sales estimates and projections for amino acids market for the years 2009 through 2017 for the following geographic markets US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. The study also provides historic data for an insight into market evolution over the period 2003 through 2008.

              For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit


              About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

              Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a leading publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company currently employs over 800 people worldwide. Annually, GIA publishes more than 1300 full-scale research reports and analyzes 40,000+ market and technology trends while monitoring more than 126,000 Companies worldwide. Serving over 9500 clients in 27 countries, GIA is recognized today, as one of the world’s largest and reputed market research firms.

              Follow us on LinkedIn

              Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

              Telephone: 408-528-9966

              Fax: 408-528-9977

              Email: press(at)StrategyR(dot)com

              Web Site:


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                New Study Reveals that Reduced Caloric Intake Delays Nerve Cell Loss, Making Appetite Control Supplements Like Liproxenol Supportive of a Healthy Aging Brain (amazon) (shopzilla)

                Australia (PRWEB) June 10, 2013

                As people age, they often become worried about retaining all of their mental faculties. A new study has revealed that reduced caloric intake may help with that very issue, making appetite control supplements such as Liproxenol valuable to staying mentally alert and cognitively aware long into retirement.

                In the May 22, 2013 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, a study was published in which researchers looked at mice and how caloric restriction (CR) impacted the neurodegeneration in the brain when it ages. Researchers used the mice to recreate the normal effects of aging on the brain and then they performed CR on them to see what the effects would be.

                They reduced the calories in the diets of the mice by 30% and watched them over a course of 3 months. At certain intervals, the mice were given learning and memory tests to see how well they performed.

                Researchers found that when the mice had lower caloric intakes, their brain function was preserved. Neurodegeneration had slowed down and mental dysfunction was reduced. They also noticed that CR accentuated the effects of the enzyme protein Sirtuin 1 (SIRT 1), which also plays a part in proper brain function.

                They gave another set of mice SIRT 1 as opposed to a lower calorie diet to see if they received the same positive anti-aging benefits. They were trying to find out whether or not they could induce the same effects by drug rather than by diet.

                They discovered that the mice that were given the SIRT 1 fared just as well on the learning and memory tests as the mice that had experienced CR. This finding opens the door to further testing to see if they get the same results on other animals and whether CR and similar acting chemicals slow down or completely stop the brain aging process.

                Based on this research, it suggests that supplements such as Liproxenol, which helps people control their appetite, may not only foster weight loss, but it may also work to protect their brain function in the process.

                Liproxenol is a weight loss supplement that contains all natural ingredients such as green tea, vitamin B6, cayenne powder and dandelion root. It was created by Liproxenol Nutraceuticals to increase metabolism, decrease appetite and burn excess fat.

                About Liproxenol Nutraceuticals:

                Liproxenol Nutraceuticals is recognized as an industry leader in the fields of health, wellness and better living. The company’s products are enjoyed by customers around the world and are among a new class of supplements that are not only effective but also safe and made from 100% all-natural ingredients. Liproxenol Nutraceuticals is based in Australia and the USA.

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                  Ubiquinol by Advanta Supplements Now Back in Stock With Limited Availability (amazon) (shopzilla)

                  Adel, IA (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

                  Ubiquinol by Advanta Supplements is now back in the market after a few days of being out of stock. This just shows that Ubiquinol is an in demand item, which provides tons of long term health benefits. Ubiquinol is an active antioxidant, which another kind of CoQ10. It is vital to the natural production of the cellular energy of the body system. Moreover, it gives a powerful and superior antioxidant protection in the cells. Without the help of this antioxidant, the body will not have enough energy to sustain the daily needs of the body.

                  As people age, the ability of the body to produce this Ubiquinol also starts to reduce drastically. This is why people need to take the Ubiquinol products in order for them to stay healthy and energetic. Those people that are always on the go should always take the antioxidant protection for their cells so that they will remain active to do their daily activities.

                  For those who are getting older and feeling that they need some energy, they can always rely on this Ubiquinol antioxidant cell protection. This product is proven and tested by professionals so everyone can assure that it is safe and effective. A lot of tests were made before this product was released to the market. According to research, the Ubiquinol is proven to reduce the aging signs, improves the bodys energy, strengthens the cardiovascular and support the nervous system. When this product was launched the first time, it has received many positive reviews and comments.

                  Ubiquinol is offered in a form of soft gel so people can rapidly and easily absorb it in their body. Each of the capsules has 50mg of pure and effective Ubiquinol and every bottle of this product has a total of 60 capsules. The recommended dosage of the Ubiquinol is 1 capsule a day, which is equivalent to 50mg only per day.

                  For those who are always feeling tired easily and cannot perform their task every day, it is time that everyone take the Ubiquinol antioxidant protection.

                  A spokesperson for Advanta Supplements stated “due of the overwhelming demand – we ran out of supply, but we have replenished our supply and again have limited quantities available.”

                  To learn more about Ubiquinol by Advanta Supplements and ordering options, interested parties will find more information at

                  About Advanta Supplements

                  Located in the heart of Iowa, Advanta Supplements partners with FDA-approved labs to develop, test, and manufacture a line of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements. All Advanta products are made in the U.S. and backed by a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

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                    TR Zell Launches New Formulation for Popular Sheep Placenta Based Anti-Aging Supplements (amazon) (shopzilla)

                    New York, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

                    Sheep placenta treatments are synonymously a niche lifestyle only afforded by rich and famous. These procedures exclusively took place in spas nestled somewhere in the Switzerland. The returns of these exclusive treatments, one gets to look rejuvenated and more youthful.

                    All were set to change when Dr. Paul Niehans discovered cell therapy. This effective treatment harvests specific organ cells from sheep and transformed it into the form of soft gel capsule. When this capsule got ingested orally, the bioactive cells rapidly disperse to the specific organ. Users will experience renewed vigorous satisfaction and a more youthful appearance.

                    Perfect Choice Trading Inc. is proud to announce TR ZELL P-Centa Forte cellular therapy nutritional supplement. Perfect Choice Trading Inc. was first established in 2001; and its located in the metropolitan area of New York City. This company is fast becoming a forerunner in providing beauty & skin care and health supplement products for cell therapy – seeking to deliver innovative and life changing nutritional dietary supplements and cosmetics to its clients. The company has long imprinted its dominant stance in the supply chain to small & medium companies including cosmetic retail store, beauty spa, pharmacy, beauty clinic and dermatologist market. They are now ready to expand their distribution network to the rest of the world including Greater China. Perfect Choice Trading Inc. are able to provides their distributors and customers the most comprehensive and thoughtful services with a team of professional with a combined experience of over 20 years in the industry. They are optimistic that with the supplies of high quality products, becoming the next innovation in beauty skin care is inevitable.

                    TR Zell P-Centa Forte supplement a placenta based ultra-nutritional supplement is derived from Cellular Therapy. The placenta are harvested in New Zealand under pristine conditions and formulated by Switzerland using a time honored method. TR Zell Cellular Therapy Supplement is safe and rich in bioactive nutrients that replenish the body with rejuvenating, restorative micronutrients that can help slow the aging process and offers general health benefits. TR Zell Cellular Therapy Supplement also presents for the first time, a modern, highly concentrated and purified innovation of that revered therapy.

                    There are some major changes and improvements since the pioneering days of placenta nutritional supplements, now made even more important by man-made challenges to health. Industrial agriculture brought devastating blights to traditional forms of farming. Crops no longer contain sufficient amounts of nutrients and livestock has been negatively affected by various diseases and manipulated to grow in quantity not quality. As a result all these changes, to produce greater quantities and longer shelf life of vegetables and grains, science has sacrificed taste and nutrition.

                    Now TR Zell Cellular Therapy Supplement are made from an all new formulated ingredient which contain more beneficial ingredients such as –

                    Coenzyme Q10

                    CoQ10 is naturally found in every cell in your body. Your body creates CoQ10 and the cell uses it to produce the necessary energy your body needs for cell growth and cellular maintenance. CoQ10 also acts as powerful antioxidant protecting the body from damages caused by free radicals.


                    This is the best molecule to prevent aging and our body produces Glutathione. It is found in every cell in the body. Glutathione (GSH) is a naturally occurring protein that protects every cell, tissue and organ from toxic free radicals and diseases. It can help repair damaged cells caused by stress, radiation, pollution, infection and a host of other ailments. Throughout the stages of aging, cells begin to lose their ability to repair themselves and produce strong antioxidants. Giving your body glutathione supplements will increase levels of this naturally occurring antioxidant.

                    Marine Collagen

                    Normally found on fish scales, this protein extract can make the body function more effectively. Its vital to healthy skin, hair, bones, and joints and especially noticeable in skin because aging tends to cause the skin to sag and lose elasticity. It is necessary for the creation of skin, muscle, bone and cartilage.

                    Grape Seed Extract

                    This essential oil gives a wide variety of positive effects to human body. It enhances high density lipoprotein levels and reduces LDL levels. Grape seed oil provides high concentrations of Proathocyanidins that has demonstrated antioxidant qualities and plays an active role in stabilization of collagen and served as a maintenance tool to connective tissues that support the organs, joints, bloody vessels and muscles.

                    Marine Protein

                    Marine DNA, a powerful natural antioxidant, is purified from fine quality natural fish milts. This DNA possesses various crucial benefits for the stimulation of immune system, improvement of physical performances and regeneration of skin smoothing and health-promoting.

                    The benefits accorded by TR ZELL are numerous. The strengthening of the immune system against diseases, decreased risk in heart diseases and cancer, promotion of deep, stress free sleep and renewed sexual satisfaction just to name a few.

                    All it takes to get started on the best journey to a more youthful look is just one (1) soft gel capsule daily which is the recommended dosage.

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