Moringa Source Launches Natura Veda, an Age-Defying, All-Natural Skin Care System Infused with Moringa (amazon) (shopzilla)

Newtown, CT (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

Moringa Source today announced the launch of Natura Veda, an innovative and all-natural skin care system made with, and inspired by, Moringa. Hailed by Vogue as the It-Ingredient of May 2013, Moringa is the most nutrient-dense plant yet discovered. The Natura Veda skin care line offers Moringas complete and diverse array of age-defying vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and nutraceuticals to help achieve younger looking, more resilient skin, naturally.

Natura Veda introduces the 2,000 year-old, time-tested benefits of Moringa. Unlike any other natural oil, Moringa oil contains more than 70% oleic acid, making it possible for nourishing nutrients to penetrate deeply and absorb rapidly into skin without leaving a greasy residue. This allows Natura Vedas proprietary Moringa-infused formula to deliver powerful antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and botanicals to aging skin layers. Combined with a host of skin-loving, natural ingredients, Natura Veda is formulated especially to help skin feel hydrated, rejuvenated and refreshed.

We are thrilled to introduce our unique, all-natural Natura Veda beauty products made with Moringa and quality plant-based ingredients, said Jim Fitzpatrick, founder of Moringa Source. What we put onto our bodies is absorbed into our skin, which is why nutrient-rich Moringa is the ideal basis for our skin care system. As the premiere resource for Moringa products, Moringa Source brings our quality and expertise to this one-of-a-kind skin care line.

The Natura Veda skin care line consists of seven comprehensive day and night skin care products including:

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    Compound in Broccoli Slows Down the Aging Process, Boosts the Immune System and Brings New Hope to the Fight Against Cancer (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

    With all of the media enthusiasm in Washington regarding President Obamas recent comment about broccoli being his favorite food, it is timely to bring an important and recent scientific discovery about a phytonutrient found in broccoli to light.

    A compound found in broccoli, called Diindolylmethane (DIM), formed during the digestion of this vegetable, has been found to potentiate molecular pathways that slow down the aging process and promote life extension. The paper uncovering this phenomenon was recently published in the March edition of Aging Cell.

    As the media and science writers covering recent developments in the field of nutrition slowly begin to notice and digest the findings of this important paper published by German scientists at the Duisburg-Essen University in Germany, a brief scientific review of this important compound from broccoli can be helpful in shedding light on the remarkable health benefits of this vegetable and why the First Family is correct in trying to raise awareness about the importance of this vegetable within the American diet.

    When science writers in the media write about the health benefits of broccoli, they often focus solely on Sulforaphane, which was discovered to promote cellular detoxification at Johns Hopkins. The health promoting properties of other nutrients found in broccoli are often overlooked.

    An overview of how Diindolylmethane is formed during the digestive process and its molecular biology as well as scientific references dating back to 1975 are available at the Diindolylmethane (DIM) Information Resource Center at UC Berkeley (

    Diindolylmethane from broccoli has numerous very favorable biologic activities which are the basis for why the National Cancer Institute has launched numerous clinical trials to study the potential of this compound as a naturally occurring therapeutic candidate for multiple forms of cancer.

    Among these favorable biologic activities are:


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      Vestiage Agrees to Acquire RegiMEN – Complete Anti-Aging Supplement System for Men (amazon) (shopzilla)

      Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

      Vestiage Inc, a leading publicly traded anti-aging company focused on science-based, highly effective cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals, announced today that it has received a signed Letter of Intent for the acquisition of the RegiMEN ( brand, an complete essential anti-aging system of supplements for male health and wellness.

      Scott Kimball, CEO of Vestiage stated, The message is simple: RegiMEN is the only complete anti-aging system for men on the market. The efficacy is amazing and I speak from personal experience as a 51 year old man and ex-professional athlete. Men are not content to accept limitations on their performance, vitality, and energy today. The RegiMEN tag line is “Aging Without Limitations” and this accurately reflects how the active male consumer feels today. The brand is also a marketing and publicity dream. I can see the RegiMEN brand represented at tennis, golf, SUP (stand up paddle) and other sports events. Our plan is to make this brand the number one “go-to” men’s anti-aging supplement system in the US. It fits well into the Vestiage mission and vision and furthers the process of executing on acquisition initiative and plans to build out formidable, advanced, anti-aging premium brands within our nutraceutical division for both men and women. The science at RegiMEN is advanced, the management team that joins us as a part of this transaction is experienced and talented, and the advanced products are already being successfully sold at GNC and other retailers. When this transaction closes Vestiage will be able to bring revolutionary, premium, branded anti-aging supplements to retailers and distributors for both men and women. Our Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals ( brand exists primarily for women and is marketed to women, and RegiMEN targets anti-aging oriented male consumers. This allows us to bring an expanded offering to distributors and retailers. Our internal internet team and our direct response partners are excited about taking RegiMEN to the web and the DR channel as well.”

      The RegiMEN System is made up of 8 products including a basic Vitamin and Mineral Support, Testosterone Support, Prostate Health, Growth Hormone Support, Vision Support, Anti Oxidant and Anti Inflammatory, Heart Health, and DHEA Support. Both RegiMEN and Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals lines contain a focused number of SKU’s that target major “in-demand” issues of the premium anti-aging consumer.

      Our goal as a company is to take anti-aging to the next level, offer advanced products like RegiMEN, and stay true to our core beliefs. Our brands use advanced science in potent, effective, elegant, multifunctional formulations and include powerful, research supported and patented ingredients,” Kimball continued. “If we push our industry further towards the latest advanced science and ingredients, use the best ingredients available, keep our formulations clean, elegant, and effective, I believe Vestiage will be recognized as being at the forefront of radically extending the longevity of high quality human life. Its a movement, a passion, and Vestiage is in the middle of it, leading it, with great products and great people.”

      All transaction terms and conditions have not yet been met and there can be no guarantee that this transaction will be completed.

      About Vestiage, Inc

      Vestiage is a publicly traded anti-aging lifestyle company offering premium branded science-based cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. Vestiage is focused on the use of human stem cell, marine/ocean, and cutting edge botanically based science and ingredients to produce highly potent, elegantly formulated, effective products with clinically proven ingredients. Using high potency and novel ingredient combinations, Vestiage creates and distributes cosmeceuticals such as Reluma ( and multifunctional nutraceuticals through Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals. Vestiage brands address the top in demand anti-aging consumer concerns. Vestiage research is focused on longevity and human performance science that covers both the cognitive and physical realms. As clinical results validate discoveries, Vestiage intends to apply new potential ingredients or ingredient formulations and combinations to its anti-aging products across brands. To learn more, visit the Company website,

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        Bosley Hair Loss Products Best-Selling Professional System for Hair Re-growth (amazon) (shopzilla)

        Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 07, 2012

        Bosley Defense System is for the beginning stages of hair loss. Bosley Defense is recommended for normal to fine hair, when thinning hair is first noticed. This system is available specifically for non-color treated hair or color treated hair. Rebecca, the lead beauty consultant, at, stated, “Clients call in looking to buy a thinning hair program that does not make them feel as if they are different. They do not want any funny smells or various steps in achieving hair re-growth.” The

        Bosley Defense Starter Pack for Non-Color Treated Hair, $ 28.89, is a 30 day supply of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment.

        The beauty consultants recommend the Bosley Revive Starter Kit for Non-Color Treated Hair, $ 28.99, for clients who have noticeably sparse areas of hair. “The system is named Revive. It revives hair follicles, strengthening them, hair does not fall out, ” stated Rebecca. The Bosley Revive system is recommended for visibly-thinning hair and available for non-color treated hair or color-treated hair. The Revive starter pack includes a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment.

        The shampoo , conditioner, and leave-in treatments are available in small and large sizes. The largest size, a 33.8 oz bottle, is recommended by the beauty consultants to clients who have made a decision to use Bosley hair loss products indefinitely. Many clients state that its large size makes it a cost-effective option.

        The hair loss brand also incudes supplements for Men and Women. The Bosley Hair Supplement for Men 60 Ct., $ 27.00, a nutritional supplement formulated to complement the use of Bosley hair products. The supplements revitalize fine and thinning hair by boosting the immune system and inhibiting the chemical DHT, a cause of hair loss. It improves circulation of blood to the scalp and helps in the improvement of eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis. Overall, it works to improve the conditions of scalp for healthy hair growth. “The supplements are great! They help in the improvement of various slkin concerns, but through its vitamins and minerals helps maintain healthy skin and nails”, stated Rebecca, the lead consultant, at

        Bosley Volumizing and Thickening Nourishing Leave-In, $ 13.74, an alcohol-free leave in treatment. It is a best-seller for its volumizing and thickening action, helping to detangle hair and offering humidity resistance. Its weightless formula allows it to be used as a smoothing and styling product. It is recommended for all hair types.

        Bosley Hair Loss Styling Products $ 13.74 – $ 16.95, range from gels, mousse and hairsprays. The Bosley styling products help style hair, but offer continued hair loss prevention and hair re-growth treatment. UV protection is included in its formula. is a leading online retailer of professional beauty products for hair and skin care needs. Find some of the industry’s top beauty brands at extremely competitive prices. Hair products offered by range from professional flat irons to products for hair loss. Quality skin care products address skin concerns from anti-aging to acne-prone skin.


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          SmartMune Transitions into Spring & Summer as New and Intelligent Seasonal Immune System Support (amazon) (shopzilla)

          Alberta Lea, MN (PRWEB) May 07, 2012

          SmartMune, an all-natural supplement that is clinically proven to nourish the immune system for more energy and overall wellness, will be launching its new Direct Response media campaign on May 7, 2012. These commercials will highlight SmartMunes benefits during the Spring and Summer seasons when people are more prone to allergen exposure, focusing on the products benefits for both mothers and baby boomers.

          During the warm months of Spring and Summer, people tend to spend more time outside, thus exposing themselves to the allergens, pollution, and other elements in the air. Mothers can especially benefit from SmartMune at this time, when they are more susceptible to the changes that these seasons bring. The busy lives of on-the-go mothers can often leave them feeling run down and tired; SmartMune is a small addition to their busy lives that can make a noticeable difference in their health and keep them feeling energized and productive, regardless of environmental challenges.

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