Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Reveals Secrets to Anti Aging and Achieving a Healthy Weight Through Natural Weight Loss Programs (amazon) (shopzilla)

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 18, 2013

While many people in San Francisco are searching for the secrets to reaching their healthy weight goals and improve their overall health, discovering the keys for anti-aging would also be a welcome benefit. A new study by researchers with the University of California in San Francisco found that making positive lifestyle changes, like eating nutrient dense foods, could lead to a more healthy weight as well as helping with anti-aging. But, although most San Francisco dieters would like to lose weight and stop the aging process, sticking with a weight loss program in order to see results can be challenging.

Diet Doc created their weight loss programs to provide their clients with an easy, fast way to lose weight without struggling through cravings, fatigue or weakness. And, through their unique programs, Diet Doc has helped thousands of patients lose weight and begin leading healthier, happier lives.

Many studies have considered the positive health benefits that weight loss programs can provide for those choosing to lose weight, but this new study focused instead on the aesthetic benefits of weight loss programs and looked at how positive lifestyle changes can help with anti-aging. Concluding their study, researchers found that achieving a healthy weight and making other positive changes may actually reverse the aging process. Diet Doc provides their clients with a comfortable transition to their healthy weight through a combination of nutrition counseling, recipes for low fat meals and all natural fat burning supplements. Now, in addition to successful weight loss, patients choosing to lose weight with Diet Docs weight loss programs may also be following anti-aging techniques that could help them to look younger in addition to feeling younger.

Each potential Diet Doc patient will first complete a confidential online health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with one of Diet Docs specially trained physicians. Because Diet Doc understands that many clients would prefer to avoid potentially embarrassing face-to-face appointments at a doctors office, consultations are offered over the phone or the internet, in the privacy of the patients own home. During this initial consultation, the patient and physician will discuss the patients healthy weight goals and the physician will recommend and prescribe all natural supplements to help them quickly achieve these goals while also providing the patient with anti-aging benefits. To save patients time and money, any supplements prescribed for the patient can be easily ordered during their consultation and will be shipped directly to the patients front door.

Diet Docs weight loss programs also include unlimited support from certified nutritionists who are trained in the most effective methods for rapidly reaching healthy weight goals. In addition to creating a meal and snack plan that targets excess fat, these nutritionists will also include anti-aging foods that help to reverse the aging process. Through this unique diet plan, patients who choose to lose weight with Diet Docs weight loss programs will begin seeing fat melt away and notice a younger, healthier appearance.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

San Diego, CA

(800) 272-0482


Twitter: DietDoc10

Facebook: DietDocNaturalHealth

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    (PRWEB) January 29, 2012

    True Healthy Products, a health and wellness company out of Merritt Island, FL is now carrying a new all natural meal replacement shake that contains the required nutritional content of recommended daily fruits and vegetables. The new tasty shake is in the blueberry realm of flavor and mixes with water into a berry cream healthy treat. Full nutritional content can be found here:

    According to the manufacturer of the product, Whole 9 meal replacement shakes will help promote:

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      BuchulifeUSA Finds Breakthrough in Eczema Treatment Through a Sport Gel (amazon) (shopzilla)

      CORAL SPRINGS, FL (PRWEB) January 16, 2013

      A stunning discovery has been made in the production and development of BuchulifeUSA’s SPORT GEL+. Initially, the topical gel infused with the South African wonder herb was solely intended to provide healing support for minor mishaps. However, the anti-inflammatory properties it contains have since been unexpectedly effective in treating eczema patients. The results have been so impressive that BuchulifeUSA plans to position their campaign around their newfound revelation.

      Jordan Alfonso (age 13 Jupiter, FL) is one of the first documented American cases of SPORT GEL+ treating eczema. Mary Alfonso was desperately searching for a product that could alleviate her sons itching only. According to Mary, Jordan’s excessive itching was intensifying his condition causing skin breakage. The steroids prescribed to Jordan were making his skin thin and unhealthy. After numerous unsuccessful attempts with topical steroids, she started applying BuchulifeUSA SPORT GEL+ in hopes to just soothe Jordan’s skin. Much to their surprise, the itching subsided immediately and the eczema itself began vanishing.

      The packaging on the 3.5-ounce tube doesn’t mention eczema at all. When asked if this would present a problem for potential SPORT GEL+ customers, BuchulifeUSAs president Stephen Bernhardt said, I’d rather undersell and over-deliver. It’s a good problem to have. As their customer base continues to grow, so does the dilemma. Clearly, continuing to deliver quality products is the companys main focus and remains firmly at the top of their priority list.

      BuchulifeUSA’s tactic seems to be paying off because they’ve since found their products in more than 500 new stores in the US in the past 6 months. SPORT GEL+ is still completely effective at naturally healing and soothing skin & muscles in addition to treating eczema. As testimonial reports continue to pour in, BuchulifeUSA may be pressured into considering repositioning their brand toward their ever-growing eczema consumer. One thing is certain, SPORT GEL+ is making buchu-believers daily. We’re curious to see what BuchulifeUSA has up their sleeve for 2013, we bet it’s continuing to show that living buchu really is living better.

      At BuchulifeUSA we ensure the delivery of safe and potent health supplements through extensive scientific research and ongoing clinical trials.

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        Denise’s Pharmacy Creative Compounds Announces New Consultation Service for Men Seeking Hormone Health Improvement through Testosterone Replacement Therapy (amazon) (shopzilla)

        Wilsonville, OR (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

        Denise Burnham, compounding pharmacist and founder of Denises Pharmacy Creative Compounds, a PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy, announces a new service offering consultations to men for testosterone replacement therapy. While the focus on marketing for anti-aging primarily targets women and menopause in terms of hormone replacement therapy, I find that there is a large learning curve for men who dont have any idea how low testosterone levels affect daily living, Burnham explains.

        Denise Burnham receives calls from women about their husbands lethargy, weight gain, low libido and mood swings, asking if there is such a thing as male menopause. This is the beginning of Burnhams educational process. I am always pleasantly surprised to find women relieved to know there is an answer to the physical and mental changes in their husbands. What they initially believe is that these symptoms are irreversible signs of aging, Burnham says.

        According to Hormone Therapy Network ( testosterone levels drop in men between ages 40-50. Pharmaceutical and marketing companies capitalize on the sexual changes caused from low testosterone by promoting medications for erectile dysfunction. While medications for erectile dysfunction may work to address low libido, many have side effects, and men are introducing a medication that may interfere with health issues or other medications they take. By taking testosterone supplements with doses appropriate to lab values, men get relief from low testosterone symptoms with minimal if any side effects, Burnham explains.

        Denise Burnham is an educator who offers educational credits for health practitioners teaching bio identical hormone replacement therapy dosing and lab value analyses.

        Denise Burnham, RPh, graduated from Oregon State University College of Pharmacy in 1984. She spent over 10 years working at OHSU as the transplant pharmacist, drug information pharmacist and intensive care unit pharmacist. Burnham started Denises Pharmacy Creative Compounds in 1998 with a focus on hormone replacement therapies, pain solutions, sterile products and veterinary compounding. Denises Pharmacy Creative Compounds is PCAB accredited. Denise guest lectures at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland and the School of Pharmacy at Pacific University in Hillsboro. Denise grew up and lives on a farm outside of Portland. She is a member of Oregon State Pharmacists Association and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists. For more information visit For interview contact Diane Dennis of inspired media at dianeden(at)centurytel(dot)net

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          The Secret Life of the Brain, Ep. 5: The Aging Brain: Through Many Lives [VHS]

          THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN: Episode Five: The Aging Brain: Through Many Lives At the age of 95, Stanley Kunitz was named poet laureate of the United States. Still writing new poems, still reading to live audiences, he stands as an inspiring example of the brain's ability to stay vital in the final years of his life. The longstanding belief that we lose vast numbers of brain cells as we grow older turns out to be wrong. The normal aging process leaves most mental functions intact, and may ev


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            Swisscare Heath and Beauty Solutions Now Available through NPI Beauty (amazon)(shopzilla)

            DELRAY BEACH, FL (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

            The Switzerland-based brand gives users an alternative to anti-aging formulas that require harsh chemicals or injections, instead using the power of science and research to deliver unparalleled quality. NPI Beauty is a leading source of the world?s top health and beauty products.

            ?We are very pleased that our customers have a new place to purchase our highly effective skin care, hair care and cosmetic products,? said Maria Ascencao, Marketing Consultant for Swisscare. ? is a reputable source for many of the best healthcare items on the market, and we are proud to include Swisscare on that list. We look forward to working with the team at NPI Beauty for the long term.?

            Swisscare?s products cover the areas of hair and cosmetics, healthcare and food supplements, creating a comprehensive solution for individuals who want to improve how they look and feel. The brand?s top products include its HairGrow Activating Shampoo, Energizing Lotion and Revitalizing Capsules, as well as HandIntense Anti-Aging Hand Cream and BeautyTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum. None of Swisscare?s products require injections, nor do they contain harmful chemicals or substances found in many other skin care solutions.

            With ingredients supported by top physicians and researchers in Switzerland, Swisscare fulfills on its mission of helping people not only look their best, but also feel great each and every day.

   features a wide range of health and beauty products, including aromatherapy, candles, fragrances, hair care and skin care items. Its products are available directly to consumers at highly affordable prices, giving users the ability to find top healthcare items through an easy-to-use online platform.

            ?Many people are looking for anti-aging products that do not require an injection into the skin, but few solutions deliver the quality and effectiveness that Swisscare does,? said Mitch Gould, CEO of NPI Beauty. ?We are thrilled to welcome this brand to our family and we believe that it will be a top seller on

            To learn more about Swisscare, please visit

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