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Naples, Florida (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Amazon Origins announces the launch of the website for their new all-natural supplement Ama

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    Natural Resources USA, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Health Products (amazon) (shopzilla)

    Brandon, South Dakota (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

    Aleta Carlson is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website features natural supplements, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, multivitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, super fruits, some foods, protein and anti-aging supplements, various vitamins and minerals for weight management, and health-related books focusing on topics such as migraines, weight loss, and prostate cancers.

    Carlson initially developed her website with a desire to provide natural alternatives to address peoples health concerns and provide the alternatives in a reliable and effective way. Through, she offers excellent products like acetyl-L-carnitine, which helps to revive the human brain, as well as green tea and coffee extract and amino acid supplements that are perfect for trimming down weight.

    In addition to offering a convenient way for customers to get everything they need at affordable prices in a timely manner, is also responsive to customer needs and interests and Carlson intends to communicate with her customers to further enhance their experiences when shopping on the website. In the future, more products will likely be added to the websites merchandise based on the needs of the customers.

    To complement the main website, Carlson is also launching a blog located at The blog will feature topics related to health in general; discussions will be held regarding the human brain, exercise, and weight management, in order to hopefully encourage visitors to embrace a healthier lifestyle. There will be information regarding the many interesting products offered in the online store and how they relate to health and overall well-being. The blog is also a place where visitors can engage in discussions with Carlson regarding health and the products offered on the main website.

    About the Company: a division of Natural Resources USA, LLC is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Aleta Carlson.

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      Anti-Aging Website Aging Arsenal Launches New Discussion Forum for People to Share Tips and Ideas (amazon) (shopzilla)

      Jacksonville Beach, FL (PRWEB) March 29, 2013

      Aging Arsenal, a website that is devoted to providing people with a huge range of in-depth information that pertains to the topic of anti-aging, has just launched its brand new anti-aging forums.

      The new forum allows visitors to the site to help each other age gracefully by sharing their tips, thoughts and experiences. The forum features a variety of categories, including skin care discussions, user product reviews, diet and exercises, supplements that may help with life extension, and cosmetic procedures. Anybody who wishes to learn more about topics like skin rejuvenation and which products may help stop aging can register for free with the user-friendly site and then post their questions and experiences right in the forum.

      In addition to the new forum, Aging Arsenal features a wide variety of educational and helpful articles that cover a wide range of topics related to anti-aging. One of the sections of the site that is very popular with readers features dozens of posts about anti-aging products and advancements in longevity.

      For example, a recent post offers readers helpful reviews of Oil of Olay Regenerist products, which use a concentrated mix of peptides, vitamin B3 complex and the companys highly-touted moisture formula. The review of Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum is very positive.

      It only takes a small amount to moisturize around your mouth and eyes, the review noted, adding that the product successfully reduces wrinkles and significantly improves dry skin.

      It actually changes the texture of your skin and enables it to retain moisture better which is especially important in the around-the-lip area where skin wants to shrink. This product is definitely recommended for anyone trying to prevent wrinkles.

      Anybody who is interested in learning more about the topic of anti-aging is welcome to visit the easy-to-navigate Aging Arsenal website at any time; there, they can browse through the many articles and posts. Category tabs like Supplements, Anti-Aging Products and Skin Care make it easy for people to find information on the specific topics they are interested in. Clicking on the Anti-Aging Forums tab will bring readers directly to the new forum, where they may read through the various posts.

      About Aging Arsenal:

      Aging Arsenal covers an array of topics ranging from rejuvenating skin care tips and life extending supplements to new dieting plans and radical cosmetic procedures. Beauty and health technologies are in the midst of a DIY biological revolution that has already begun producing exciting new advancements and breakthroughs in longevity. The websites goal is to bring people together to help them figure out the best ways to defy aging. For more information, please visit

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        New Health Website: – Allows People to Write Genf20 Plus Reviews (amazon) (shopzilla)

        (PRWEB) September 30, 2012

        Using food supplements in bodybuilding has become a natural thing. Another use of food supplements is with people who lack of physical strength and want to get back on their feet faster. One of the most popular HGH based supplements is Genf20 Plus. That product has set new standards when using it in bodybuilding and when trying to increase your body mass. Its popularity naturally caused a new website to be created and promoted effectively for people who have had any experience with the supplement and want to share that with other users. is a new website that has a great potential of becoming a major hit in its niche. The website offers unique Genf20 Pus reviews, written by a variety of people who either used it or they are doing a research on whether it is safe to use it and how frequently.

        Genf20 Plus is also mentioned as an anti-aging product that many women and men have used around the world to improve their physical appearance.

        One of the visitors wrote a review saying, When I was 25 years old, I was working as a model and commercial actress on TV. At that time, it was crucial to look attractive and be beautiful at all times, in all conditions. As I was getting older and many new, young girls started taking my roles and photo shootings, I decided that if I am going to be successful for a few more years, I will need to make some changes and that was the time I came across Genf20 Plus reviews that really caught my attention. It really worked out great for me. Even right now, I am not afraid to say that I look ten years younger than my real age. is building a large database of reviews from men and women who used it regularly and that are a solid foundation for new Genf20 users. Besides reading a review, it is also possible to ask questions and comment on other peoples opinions which make a place worth visiting.

        Visit and leave them with your personal experience with Genf20 Plus supplement.

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          Supplement Spot, a Premier Online Source for Cutting-Edge Natural Health Products, Re-Launches Website With Enhanced Speed and Features (amazon) (shopzilla)

          Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

          Supplement Spot, the premier online source for cutting-edge natural health and anti-aging products, has re-launched its website with a new, more powerful ecommerce software solution, an upgraded content management system, and a linking module for social media, all improvements designed to streamline site administration and vastly enhance the shopping experience for visitors.

          Supplement Spot first went online in 2001, which makes the merchant one of the oldest purveyors of dietary supplements, vitamins and beauty products on the Internet, and it upgraded its original site technology in 2009. However, with a growing inventory and customer base, and with the rapid evolution of the Internet, particularly in the social media space, managers this year realized they needed more functionality in internal controls and improved customer experience that would keep them in the forefront of ecommerce for years to come.

          After extensive research, we discovered that the top ecommerce software solution on the market is Magento, and our experience with the re-launch confirms that decision, said Casey Borgers, President of Supplement Spot. We have added more products and inventory smoothly, improved navigation speeds and search capabilities, greatly improved our shopping cart, check-out and shipping systems, and our site is also much more attractive and user-friendly.

          In addition to building the shopping components of the new website in Magento, Supplement Spot also chose the latest version of CMS market-leader ExpressionEngine to manage its product and descriptive pages content, as well as the growing body of articles and informational resources in its Health Library section.

          Further enhancements to new Supplement Spot website include the addition of an automatic sign-in for Facebook, where shoppers with existing accounts on that most widely used social media channel can instantly create Supplement Spot accounts using Facebook credentials.

          Supplement Spot President Borgers purchased the company in 2009 and since then has made many investments in manufacturing, products and infrastructure to boost the websites reach. Borgers took his business acumen with a background in commercial real estate and combined it with his commitment to dietary supplements through a long-time interest in health and fitness to re-envision the company. Today Supplement Spot offers more than 240 products, with about half of them branded with the company name.

          We evaluate all of our supplement and cream manufacturers using a rigorous review process that includes on-site tours, auditing of their GMP compliance processes, cataloging of product Certificates of Analysis, and requiring disclosure of raw material sources, he said. We do not look for the cheapest or most expensive products, but the best quality for the best price. This is why Supplement Spot warrants that ours are the best vitamins, supplements, and cosmetics available for the price.

          Leading products in the Supplement Spot branded catalog include Maximum Prostate, which promotes prostate health among men over 50, and Healthy Progesterone Cream, where the main ingredient, naturally derived progesterone, assists womens hormonal balance, especially during pre-menopause and menopause. Orders of over $ 75 on Supplement always come with free shipping ($ 125 for Canada and $ 200 international).

          The new Supplement Spot website was designed and built by Denver-based Unleaded Software, a website design and development agency that is a Magento Commerce Gold Partner and an ExpressionEngine Professional Partner, both the highest designations possible for solutions partnerships with these software companies. The firm has built over 160 Magento ecommerce websites and four members of its development, engineering and programming staff have achieved Magento Certified Developer status.

          Magento eCommerce Platform for Growth is the shopping cart technology choice for over 110,000 online merchants worldwide, and is supported by a global ecosystems of solution partners and third-party developers. Magento is a feature-rich, open-source, enterprise-class platform that offers merchants a high degree of flexibility and control over the user experience, catalog, content and functionality of their online store.

          For complete information on Supplement Spot, its new website, and the health benefits of dietary supplements, natural health and anti-aging products, visit the new website or call 1-866-285-1998.

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            Anti Aging Benefits of Longevity Nutritional Supplement Revealed by Acclaimed Health & Wellness Website (amazon) (shopzilla)

            Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 23, 2012

            Prograde Nutrition has recently created a buzz in wellness community by introducing their new anti aging supplement named Longevity. Noted heath and wellness website has reviewed this product and come up with an article revealing all the unique features of Longevity. This website is one of the most preferred online destinations for people looking for different types nutritional supplements and regularly publishes articles, videos, and testimonials for different products from Prograde Nutrition. The article reveals that unlike most other anti-aging supplements available in the market, Longevity is a combination of several useful ingredients with proven anti aging properties.

            As per the article, regular dose of Longevity provides the human body the benefits of several anti aging foods that are rich in antioxidants, like Blueberry, Acai berry, Coffee berry, pomegranate, wolfberry, grape, green tea, etc. Acai berry is an extremely powerful super food that has excellent anti aging properties. Anthocyanins are pigments responsible for the colors of fruits and vegetables, and are known to slow the process of aging. The article reveals that the quantity of Anthocyanins available in Acai berry is substantially higher than that in red wine, the best known source of Anthocyanins till date. Green tea is one of the best sources of several antioxidants, and its benefits include prevention of cell mutation, reduce cell damage, prevent clogging of blood vessels present in the heart, and the ability to increase metabolism for weight loss.

            The article informs that studies conducted by several institutions have established this product’s ability to offer unlimited anti aging benefits to human health including memory improvement, tooth decay prevention, reduction of wrinkles, infection prevention, etc. The confidence of the manufacturer about Longevity is reflected by the fact that they are offering 100 % money back guarantee with each purchase of the product. Apart from this detailed article, the website also has an excellent video and a series of customer testimonials for people looking to know more about Longevity.

            About the Company: is a widely followed website offering articles, videos, and genuine client testimonials for different products from Prograde Nutrition. The website has just published a new article describing the benefits of their latest anti aging product Longevity as well as the benefits of krill oil supplements and healthy bacteria found in probiotics.


            Rick Porter


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              Super Pill VGF 25+ Receives Rave Reviews from Product Research Website (amazon) (shopzilla)

              Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 16, 2012

              Recent studies have repeatedly stressed on the importance of a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables for a healthy body. However, consumption of such amounts of food is practically impossible for any human being. Thousands of men and women around the world now rely on the different vitamin supplements to provide the necessary food value to their system. In a recent review article published in, it has been revealed that Prograde VGF 25+ for Women is one of the best vitamin supplements in the market for women. The review mentions that this excellent supplement has been formulated specifically for women and offers nutrient rich extracts from as many as 25 fruits, greens, and vegetables and it goes perfect with probiotic supplements.

              The detailed VGF 25+ for Women review conducted by involved thorough study of the scientific background of the product and interviewing several experts and users. According to the review article, the benefits of this female vitamin supplement include optimization of nutritional foundation for maximum fat burning, increased level of energy, reduced stress and improved sleep quality, healthy kidney and bladder, better hormone balance, stronger nails, and shinier hair. The extraordinary capabilities of the product have been attributed by the experts to the presence of seven nutrient classes that include enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, macro and micro elements.

              Mike Roussell, a qualified nutritionist, has high regards for VGF 25+ for Women vitamin supplement. “To be completely honest I think that you guys have the best multivitamin in the country. Seriously, I’m very critical about vitamin and mineral supplementation because of the research that I have read and that has been published on synthetic vitamins is very mixed (and some bad). But, because you guys use whole food sources and not synthetics those concerns are out the window”, he says.

     also informs that buyers can avail free shipping, 60 days’ money back guarantee, and instant savings of $ 5/bottle while purchasing this product from Prograde Nutrition.

              Women can get a free trial of VGF 25+ here:

              About the Company: is a recently launched online review platform that offers unbiased review of different wellness products from Prograde Nutrition such as their popular fat loss supplements and anti-aging products. They have thoroughly analyzed all these highly talked about products to reveal the secrets behind their popularity.

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