Learn “How to Avoid a Hair Transplant” from Expert Dr. Alan Bauman at the Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Expo 2012 (amazon) (shopzilla)

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

How early a person spots thinning hair determines how much hair they save. Those who wait until the hair loss is visible to the naked eye are too late – 50 percent is already gone.

Nationally recognized hair restoration expert Alan J. Bauman, M.D. will be a featured presenter at the Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Expo 2012 at the Miami Convention Center on Saturday, February 25. Dr. Baumans multimedia presentation How to Avoid a Hair Transplant will discuss safe and effective medical therapies proven to protect, enhance and restore hair growth in men and women.

Although hair transplant technology has improved significantly in recent years, our first goal is always non-surgical intervention, said Bauman, a board-certified hair restoration surgeon who is recommended by the American Hair Loss Association. The goal of this talk is to teach prospective patients about the abundance of preventative care treatments, from low level lasers to FDA approved medications and nutritional supplements and how to better understand the hair loss process, including the importance of meeting with a board-certified hair restoration physician.

Following the presentation, Bauman and his medical staff at Bauman Medical Group will demonstrate new technologies to treat and prevent hair loss. Several of Baumans patients will also be at the expo to share their personal experiences with hair loss and hair restoration.

A variety of new treatments and technologies have recently become available that make hair loss prevention a real option for patients who are genetically predisposed to hair thinning, said Bauman. Although new minimally-invasive techniques in hair transplantation like Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, is more comfortable and natural than ever, most patients want to reduce the amount of transplants required or avoid any type of surgical procedure altogether. In my presentation, I will discuss four important ways people can prevent hair loss, including the latest cutting-edge treatments and technologies that top hair restoration physicians provide.

Here are Baumans four tips for avoiding a hair transplant:

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    Southlake, TX (PRWEB) April 12, 2012

    Hormonal Health and Wellness Center of Southlake, http://hormonalhealthandwellness.com/, is thrilled to be offering Allumera as the first in a new class of photodynamic cosmetics.

    What is Allumera?

    Allumera is a new, topical cream specifically formulated to improve the overall appearance of skin, reduce the outward signs of aging and minimize the appearance of pores with minimal downtime and results that last!

    What are the Results?

    In a five-month controlled study, people experienced a 44% reduction in the appearance of their pores three months after their last treatment.*

    In a survey conducted three months after their last Allumera treatment*:

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      Amazon Origins today announces the scientific research supporting the new-to-market supplement, Ama

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        New Fibromyalgia Massage and Wellness Program | Bella Reina Spa Innovates with the New Fibromyalgia Massage and Wellness Program to Alleviate Pain (amazon) (shopzilla)

        Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

        Bella Reina Spa’s mission is to eliminate pain from their clients, namely their Fibromyalgia clients. This popular Delray Beach Spa has spent months working on new spa treatments and therapies that would relieve the Fibromyalgia pain and give hope to their clients.

        Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects millions of women in the United States. Although the debate continues on whether the condition is medical, it does not change the fact that clients experience pain, sleepless nights, depression, and fatigue. For Bella Reina Spa, the search for the right protocols and treatment, came about as a result of helping a client who could barely get out of bed.

        This new innovative Fibromyalgia massage utilizes a combination of aromatherapy, heat, and focused massage therapy techniques to gently introduce oxygen to the muscles and tissues thereby reducing the inflammation. A special blend of aromatherapy combining lavender, ravensara, peppermint and birch was created to reduce the pain in the muscle tissues. The reduction of pain and inflammation is the primary target of this program and it combines the massage treatments with supplements for maximum pain relief.

        The massage therapist team poured through medical research looking for the right combination of supplements to help reduce the inflammation from Fibromyalgia. Through months of working with clients, a combination of OPC-3, Calcium, Magnesium and Multi-Vitamin provided additional support for inflammation reduction. Michele, a client from Boca Raton, states: “I cannot believe how good I feel. I had to drive back and forth to Miami three days in a row for a seminar. Before this program, I never would have had the energy or stamina to make it.”

        For additional information on the new Fibromyalgia Massage and Wellness Program or a free consultation, please call Bella Reina Spa at 561-404-7670.

        Company Information:

        Bella Reina Spa is the leading provider and definitive authority on beauty, wellness and spa treatments in the South Florida area. The spa is dedicated to providing outstanding services and anti-aging treatments, like the non-surgical facelift or the slimming infrared body wrap, to guests with busy lifestyles. Bella Reina Spa was created by Nancy Reagan, a nationally recognized expert in beauty, nutrition, weight loss, skin care and makeup. Nancy and Bella Reina Spa have been featured in the New York Times, WebMD, Les Nouvelles Esthetique & Spa, and PC Advisor for spa industry expertise and business success. To learn more about how Bella Reina Spa is constantly innovating spa services, programs and packages please visit BellaReinaSpa.com.

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          Vestiage Announces Key Partners for Launch of Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals Anti-Aging Wellness Products (amazon) (shopzilla)

          Newport Beach, California (PRWEB) April 11, 2013

          Vestiage Inc, a publicly traded anti-aging lifestyle company focused on science-based, highly effective premium branded cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals, announced today that it has selected Robinson Pharma, Nutragenesis, and Ingredient Identity as its partners to assist in the launch of the Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals line of anti-aging focused supplements. The Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals line of products is focused on creating anti-aging, multi-benefit soft gels that use clinically proven ingredients in novel, proprietary and elegant formulations that provide multiple benefits to the anti-aging consumer. The new products address energy, mood, stress, weight management, skin elasticity, and more in three products which are named Calm and Collected, Trim and Energized, and Super Soft Skin!.

          The launch of Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals this year culminates years of anti-aging research by our team. We went to our partners and turned the usual method of product development upside down in this industry,” said Scott Kimball, CEO of Vestiage, Inc. “Instead of telling our partners the retail price point we wanted them to target, we asked our laboratory partners to instead create the products they always dreamed of creating and forget the ingredient cost. We allowed these incredible people with vast experience to work without limitation on creating anti-aging products. We only had a few rules. It has to really work, people really need to feel/see the benefits, only use the highest grade ingredients available in the world. That’s it. And they did it. We are so proud of this group and our partners and everyone that has worked with Vestiage to get this line ready for launch and distribution. This approach simply isn’t being done in our industry, but our culture at Vestiage dictates that it is our only way of doing things, the right way to do things for our consumer.”

          NutraGenesis of Vermont was selected to provide certain patented and key workhorse ingredients and Robinson Pharma of California was selected to provide product consulting, mixing, testing, and production. Kimball stated, “We love the patented, multifunctional, clinically tested and effective ingredients focused on the anti-aging consumer that Nutragenesis brings to us. We combined that with the integrity and cGMP production facilities of Robinson Pharma in order to provide Vestiage shareholders and the Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals consumer with the highest level of confidence in the purity and reliability of the products we formulate and bring to market. Further, our distributors can have comfort that any order of any size can be produced and delivered quickly. Ingredient Identity, a consulting firm, was selected by Vestiage to manage the structure/function claims and with product labeling.

          The first three products to be launched by Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals are Calm and Collected, Trim and Energized, and Super Soft Skin. More information on these products can be seen at http://www.montereybaynutra.com.

          About Vestiage and Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals

          Vestiage is a leading publicly traded anti-aging lifestyle company offering premium branded science-based cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. Vestiage is focused on the use of human stem cell, marine/ocean based and patented botanically-based ingredients and science to produce potent and effective products using clinically proven ingredients. Using high potency and novel ingredient combinations allows Vestiage to create highly effective cosmeceuticals such as Reluma (http://www.RelumaSkinCare.com), and multifunctional nutraceuticals through Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals (http://www.MontereyBayNutra.com) Vestiage brands address the top in demand anti-aging consumer concerns. To learn more, visit the Company website, http://www.vestiageinc.com.

          About Robinson Pharma

          Robinson Pharma manufactures products that support wellness and health and is the most extensively certified manufacturer of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products in America. The Company is the largest capacity manufacturer of softgels in America. For more information visit http://www.robinsonpharma.com.

          About Nutragenesis

          NutraGenesis is one of the industry’s leading providers of proprietary, branded nutraceutical ingredients. Our scientifically validated, bioactive, functional ingredients are designed to excel in the dietary supplement and food & beverage marketplaces. Merging advanced nutritional technology with exceptional marketing skills, we offer a superior portfolio of safe, effective ingredients that support health and wellness. For more information, visit http://www.nutragenesis.com.

          About Ingredient Identity

          IngredientIdentity.com is committed to providing dietary and food supplement companies with top notch Regulatory and Quality Management Support for Natural Products. Every client is approached with a clear focus on integrity, advocacy, and comprehensive understanding. For more information, visit http://www.ingredientidentity.com.

          This Press Release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 with respect to our financial condition, results of operations and business. These forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of terms such as “believe,” “expects,” “plan,” “intend,” “may,” “will,” “should,” “can,” or “anticipates,” or the negative thereof, or variations thereon, or comparable terminology, or by discussions of strategy. These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause industry trends or our actual results to be materially different from any future results expressed or implied by these statements. Important factors that may cause our results to differ from these forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: (i) changes in or new government regulations or increased enforcement of the same, (ii) unavailability of desirable acquisitions or inability to complete them, (iii) increased costs, including from increased raw material or energy prices, (iv) changes in general worldwide economic or political conditions, (v) adverse publicity or negative consumer perception regarding nutritional supplements, anti-aging or stem cell facial care products or stem cell technology in general, (vi) issues with obtaining raw materials of adequate quality or quantity, (vii) litigation and claims, including product liability, intellectual property and other types, (viii) disruptions from or following acquisitions including the loss of customers, (ix) increased competition, (x) slow or negative growth in the anti-aging or cosmetics, beauty, or nutritional supplement industry or the healthy foods or anti-aging channel, (xi) the loss of key personnel or the inability to manage our operations efficiently, (xii) problems with information management systems, manufacturing efficiencies and operations, (xiii) insurance coverage issues, (xiv) the volatility of the stock market generally and of our stock specifically, (xv) increases in the cost of borrowings or unavailability of additional debt or equity capital, or both, or fluctuations in foreign currencies, and (xvi) interruption of business or negative impact on sales and earnings due to acts of God, acts of war, terrorism, bio-terrorism, civil unrest and other factors outside of our control. Copies of our SEC reports are available upon request from our investor relations department or may be obtained at the SEC’s website (http://www.sec.gov).

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                    Anti Aging Benefits of Longevity Nutritional Supplement Revealed by Acclaimed Health & Wellness Website (amazon) (shopzilla)

                    Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 23, 2012

                    Prograde Nutrition has recently created a buzz in wellness community by introducing their new anti aging supplement named Longevity. Noted heath and wellness website ProgradeSupplementReviews.com has reviewed this product and come up with an article revealing all the unique features of Longevity. This website is one of the most preferred online destinations for people looking for different types nutritional supplements and regularly publishes articles, videos, and testimonials for different products from Prograde Nutrition. The article reveals that unlike most other anti-aging supplements available in the market, Longevity is a combination of several useful ingredients with proven anti aging properties.

                    As per the article, regular dose of Longevity provides the human body the benefits of several anti aging foods that are rich in antioxidants, like Blueberry, Acai berry, Coffee berry, pomegranate, wolfberry, grape, green tea, etc. Acai berry is an extremely powerful super food that has excellent anti aging properties. Anthocyanins are pigments responsible for the colors of fruits and vegetables, and are known to slow the process of aging. The article reveals that the quantity of Anthocyanins available in Acai berry is substantially higher than that in red wine, the best known source of Anthocyanins till date. Green tea is one of the best sources of several antioxidants, and its benefits include prevention of cell mutation, reduce cell damage, prevent clogging of blood vessels present in the heart, and the ability to increase metabolism for weight loss.

                    The article informs that studies conducted by several institutions have established this product’s ability to offer unlimited anti aging benefits to human health including memory improvement, tooth decay prevention, reduction of wrinkles, infection prevention, etc. The confidence of the manufacturer about Longevity is reflected by the fact that they are offering 100 % money back guarantee with each purchase of the product. Apart from this detailed article, the website also has an excellent video and a series of customer testimonials for people looking to know more about Longevity.

                    About the Company: ProgradeSupplementReviews.com is a widely followed website offering articles, videos, and genuine client testimonials for different products from Prograde Nutrition. The website has just published a new article describing the benefits of their latest anti aging product Longevity as well as the benefits of krill oil supplements and healthy bacteria found in probiotics.


                    Rick Porter

                    Website: ProgradeSupplementReviews.com

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