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London, UK (PRWEB UK) 20 August 2013

On the 16th of July 2013, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a new report calling for pharmaceutical researchers to adjust their research and development efforts in order to account for a shifting age demographic. For the first time, EU countries have more people over 65 years of age than under 15 years of age. Nina Sautenkova, Health Technologies and Pharmaceuticals, WHO/Europe, commented, Despite an over three-fold rise in spending on pharmaceutical research and development in Europe since 1990, there is an increasing mismatch between peoples real needs and pharmaceutical innovation. We must ensure that industry develops safe, effective, affordable and appropriate medicines to meet future health needs. (

With this in mind, Yourwellness Magazine explored whether pharmaceuticals can help to delay the ageing process. According to Yourwellness Magazine, The cosmetic industry has recently become inundated by beauty supplements in pill form, which are packed with nourishing ingredients said to work from the inside out, but are they the better alternative to your anti-ageing moisturiser? The ageing process is internal just as much as it is external if not more so can delaying the hidden signs of ageing help to improve the signs that are more visible? (

Yourwellness Magazine outlined the views of three experts:

1. Dr Daniel Sister, a French cosmetic doctor and anti-ageing specialist who has developed Youth, a food supplement. He noted that as face creams dont penetrate deep enough to generate a real physiological change, and older individuals are less able to extract key skin-healthy nutrients from food, supplements can help with their high concentrations of key ingredients.

2. Lamiss El Hannach, in-house nutritionist at London pharmacy John Bell & Croyden. She added that supplements are helpful because most foods eaten on a daily basis are too processed to be beneficial to skin.

3. Bridget Benelam, nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation. She argued that a balanced, healthy diet is all anyone needs as a supplement can never recreate such a complex mixture of nutrients and natural compounds, and some vitamins and minerals can be toxic in excess.

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    Yourwellness Magazine Follows Up Lincolnshire Algae Sighting (amazon) (shopzilla)

    London, UK (PRWEB UK) 19 July 2013

    On the 9th of May, the Environment Agency released a statement reassuring people in Lincolnshire that a brown substance recently seen in rivers in the county is a harmless algae. Members of the public had reported sightings of sewage to the Environment Agency, but this was, in fact, rising benthos a brown algae that tends to form in slower moving rivers, producing minute oxygen bubbles when the water begins to warm up in spring.

    Peter Haslock, Environment Management Team Leader, commented, We are keen to encourage people to take an interest in the rivers, streams and dykes that they see every day and we would urge people to tell us when something doesnt look quite right. In the last couple of weeks, we have had reports of sewage floating on the surface of rivers throughout Lincolnshire. We would, however, like to reassure people that the brown substance they are seeing is in fact a type of algae and is a sign that spring has arrived. (

    With this in mind, Yourwellness Magazine explored how algae could be used to benefit health. According to Yourwellness Magazine, Theres a vitamin called vitamin D3 which has been seen to have a lot of beneficial effects on those whove taken it. Marine D3 is the same compound but its found in a certain area of the ocean in algae (thus the name). The vitamin is slightly different from other sources and has been shown to be a potent anti-ageing remedy. Essentially this is achieved when the vitamin targets damaged or starving cells, rejuvenating them and by doing so, rejuvenating you as well.

    Yourwellness Magazine noted that the algae can be taken in the form of a Marine D3 supplement, which is a purple pill available online. Yourwellness Magazine explained that while Marine D3 is not a silver bullet treatment, some people have been known to use to aid their cancer treatment, and others have used it to maintain a good level of overall wellness. Yourwellness Magazine recommended readers consult their doctor before trying any new supplement.

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      London, UK (PRWEB UK) 11 July 2013

      According to a new study, appearing in the June 4th issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, regular daily use of sun cream appears to significantly slow the process of skin ageing among middle-aged men and women. The researchers spent four and a half years tracking sunscreen use and its ultimate impact on skin quality among more than 900 men and women under the age of 55. Over the course of the study period, 24% less skin ageing was found among the dedicated daily sunscreen group compared to those who used sunscreen only when they wished (presumably less frequently).

      Study co-author Adele Green, lab head and senior research fellow with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research at Royal Brisbane Hospital, commented, This has been one of those beauty tips you often hear quoted, but for the first time we can back it with science. Protecting yourself from skin cancer by using sunscreen regularly has the added bonus of keeping you looking younger. And the study has shown that up to middle age, it’s not too late to make a difference. (

      With this in mind, Yourwellness Magazine explored ways to look younger on a budget. According to Yourwellness Magazine, You might think the more expensive an anti-ageing treatment, the better it is, but this isn’t always the case it’s possible to get results when you’re on a budget. Yourwellness Magazine outlined four cost-effective anti-ageing methods:


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